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Part of Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

USS Challenger: A Fragile Peace

The crew of the Challenger must assist the government of Vinex II in coming to an agreement on the future direction of their world.

Mission Description

The Romulan Star Empire is crumbling. The military has staged a coup, causing worlds all over the Velorum Sector to declare their independence and ask for Starfleet’s protection so that they can choose their future free from interference.

Vinex II, a small mining colony with a troubled history, is at a crossroads. Unable to choose between joining the Free State or Resak’s regional government, Vinex’s leaders have requested Federation assistance to mediate between the factions and find a solution to command the support of a majority.

Captain Forrester and his crew must provide Vinex’s leaders with whatever support and advice they can while remaining vigilant for any attempts to surreptitiously tip the scales in favour of one choice or another.

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10 July 2022

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USS Challenger: A Fragile Peace

Sitting on the couch in the ready room, Gabrielle Bennett read through the after-action report for Starfleet Command a third time, making a few more edits on this pass. Using the ready room was a necessary evil given its proximity to the bridge, but she refused to sit behind the desk. Her first [...]

17 June 2022

I Have a Very Delicate System

USS Challenger: A Fragile Peace

“Come!” Forrester shouted as he tugged at the dress uniform jacket for the fourth time in a minute. Similarly dressed in his dress uniform, Alexander Mitchell stepped inside the captain’s quarters to find Forrester standing in front of a mirror, tugging and adjusting his uniform. [...]

7 June 2022

Three Meetings Before Lunch

USS Challenger: A Fragile Peace

It didn’t take long for the Starfleet delegation to understand just what a monumental task mediating a successful outcome between these two blocs would be. The arguments went round and round in circles for fifty minutes like a political merry-go-round, but with absolutely no [...]

4 June 2022

Sabre Rattling

USS Challenger: A Fragile Peace

The starship Challenger slipped gracefully into orbit over Vinex II, her three-day journey from Starbase Bravo ended. They joined a handful of cargo ships already in orbit; a sign that, despite the political turmoil, life on Vinex was continuing as usual. Commander Gabrielle Bennett glanced [...]