Part of Bravo Fleet: The Stormbreaker Campaign

USS Neptune: Mirum

The Neptune takes to her maiden voyage to help a planet on the edge of the Paulson Nebula. What she finds is a hidden secret that brings the 8th Century to the 25th.

Mission Description

The Neptune arrives to Uneta Prime to aid in the rescue of the planet when they find ships orbiting the planet that had never been seen before holding a symbol that reads S.P.Q.R. what has the Neptune ran into?

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20 March 2022

Unraveling the Threads

USS Neptune: Mirum

Tia frowned as she glanced over the crate she was crouched behind to get a better glimpse of this prisoner the Romans claimed had been sent by the Neptune. Tia was still fairly new to the crew, yet she was very good with names and faces and she was certain she had never seen that man aboard the [...]

8 March 2022

The Night of the Shadow

USS Neptune: Mirum

The senior officers on the bridge immediately rose to follow the captain into the ready room. There was a tense silence as everyone took a seat around the holographic table, and the XO was the one to speak first. “So what information do we have concerning this planet and any potential threat?” [...]

23 February 2022

Something About This Just Seems Off

USS Neptune: Mirum

The bridge of the Neptune had that new car smell and Tia drank it in with a sigh of contentment. It was exciting to be out on a mission with a new ship. After having gotten to know some of the crew and growing a little more comfortable with her officers and the captain on their last mission, Tia [...]

17 February 2022

Inter arma enim silent leges

USS Neptune: Mirum

(OOC: The backstory of how the Augustus Legion came to 2400.) The air whipped over the bridle of Secundus‘s horse as he looked down from the mountain seeing the burning outpost of Roman scouts. The valley was relatively open with trees around the back of the scout camp, which would be good for an [...]