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Part of Bravo Fleet: Phase 3: Vanishing Point

Starbase 86: Salda’s New Assignment

Lieutenant Commander Salda Daarggal has been reassigned to Starbase 86 as she awaits potential orders about her own command.

Mission Description

The Executive Officer of the U.S.S. Voltaire, Lieutenant Commander Salda Daarggal, has been reassigned to the taskforce headquarters of Starbase 86 to await further orders about attaining her own command. As she waits she has been tasked to aid in the Omega and Tkon emergencies with a runabout and a few of her future officers.

About the Mission

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Start Date

12 September 2021

Into the Unknown

Starbase 86: Salda's New Assignment

Amik System | Danube-Class Runabout | Cockpit Salda paced around in what little space she had. For her mission she was given a Danube-Runabout of all classes. The Lieutenant-Commander had hoped for one of the newer classes, she had been eager to take them for a drive throughout the years, though [...]

10 September 2021

Meeting an Echo

Starbase 86: Salda's New Assignment

Habitat Ring | Quark’s Bar | Evening The Lieutenant-Commander had switched into more casual clothing compared to what she had on earlier in the day. She wore a simple red blouse and casual black pants alongside her long, orange hair which fell down freely past her shoulders. Typically when [...]

8 September 2021

Arrival on the Starbase

Starbase 86: Salda's New Assignment

Starbase 86 | Docking Bay | Early Morning The petite Tellarite strolled out of her runabout with a sense of urgency and importance as she looked around at the busy docking ring of Starbase 86. “Lieutenant Commander!” A young, muscular officer would call out from the side of the Docking [...]