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Part of Bravo Fleet: Phase 3: Vanishing Point

USS Odyssey: Beyond No Man’s Land

A treacherous journey challenges the crew to do whatever it takes to reach their destination.

Mission Description

After discovering the location of what they believe is a Tkon planet, the Odyssey crew must transverse through dangerous regions to reach it. Along the way the crew encounter others making similar perilous journeys and are their aims the same as the crew as Starfleet now needs them to deal with a situation that is having ramifications across the entire galaxy.

About the Mission

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15 September 2021

The Needs Of The Many

USS Odyssey: Beyond No Man's Land

Max Duncan felt his body fly through the air and land with a thud. His eyes flickered open, but for a moment he stayed completely still where his crumpled body laid. He heard screaming, then the crackle of a fire in the near distance.  Rolling onto his right side, the pain suddenly kicked in. [...]

14 September 2021

Wake Up Call

USS Odyssey: Beyond No Man's Land

The sliding door of the stasis chamber made its usual hissing noise as it was released from its lockdown position. Blinking once then twice, Captain McCallister came around and began to work out his bearings. Pushing up with his elbows, he looked around the room, seeing that everyone else was being [...]

13 September 2021

Something Fishy

USS Odyssey: Beyond No Man's Land

USS Odyssey (NCC-80000), The Belt of the Tkon Outreach, Gradin Belt, Delta Quadrant Stardate: 76512.8   “ECH Log, stardate seven-six-five-one-two-point-eight. After almost twelve hours in the radioactive nebula, which we have designated no-man’s land, we have had to undertake a number of [...]

12 September 2021

Going Under

USS Odyssey: Beyond No Man's Land

Sat around the observation lounge for the first time in days, the senior staff of the Odyssey were assembled to discuss the next leg of their trip: the radioactive mutara-class nebula. All of them had read the numerous files prepared for the meeting by the captain’s yeoman and the recommendations [...]