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Part of Bravo Fleet: Phase 3: Vanishing Point

USS Centaur: Episode Two Phase Three: Enlightment

The Centaur found the beacon they need to repair, but can they without alarming their hosts?

Mission Description

The Centaur is briefed that there is a beacon in their area, and it is most likely one of many that are malfunctioning. With orders to locate and repair the beacon, the Centaur was about to depart the sector when their sensors detected an ominous structure on the planet that they are orbiting and this structure looks very familiar. Upon further examination, they will find very similar qualities between it and the ancient space station in orbit of the planet. But there is one problem, there is an expedition team at this structure, and the Centaur’s away team has to find a way to not expose themselves to these people. The Omega Directive isn’t necessarily over, considering that if these beacons are not repaired, more Molecules will appear, but the team wants to desperately try to not violate the Prime Directive.

About the Mission

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15 September 2021

Epilogue - Galaxy is Safe Once Again...for now

USS Centaur: Episode Two Phase Three: Enlightment

Mizu flopped her back on her bed, wearing mostly her top and starfleet issued undies. “Ugh, feels like we have been at warp foooooor-eveeeeeeerrrr.” She groaned. Ruby finishing up his reports on his duties he did today, just brief really, following the ‘Keep It Simple [...]

15 September 2021

Chapter Fifteen

USS Centaur: Episode Two Phase Three: Enlightment

Styles stared at all four of them, having sat down in a deep divot in the wall of the Pyramid when they told him who they were. “I’m sorry but, you’re what now?” “We are with the United Federation of Planets. We serve on board a Starfleet vessel called the USS Centaur. [...]

14 September 2021

Chapter Fourteen

USS Centaur: Episode Two Phase Three: Enlightment

Mizu and Ruby had returned to the ship once they were certain that they had obtained all the information they needed that would assist the away team in completing their mission. Dressed back into their uniforms, they walked together side by side down the corridor, Mizu holding her prize [...]

8 September 2021

Chapter Thirteen

USS Centaur: Episode Two Phase Three: Enlightment

“I said, I want your identifications!!” Yelled the robber who waved the pistol back and forth between the two. “Yeah, about that. We don’t have ours.” Ruby told the man. “Don’t have them?” The robber asked, confused. “Yeah we…we must have [...]