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Part of Bravo Fleet: Phase 2: Horizon

USS Centaur: Episode Two Phase Two: Decay

"They are coming!!"

Mission Description

The Centaur has dispatched an away team to an abandoned space station in orbit of one of the planets in the Oro System, the very last system Centaur has yet to investigate in the Fero Psi Sector. With the damage the Centaur has sustained, the away team took a runabout while the rest of the crew made repairs. What the away team doesn’t know, is that there is a surprise on board that station…and it is not a good one.

About the Mission

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27 August 2021

Chapter Ten

USS Centaur: Episode Two Phase Two: Decay

The deck rocked violently under their magnetic boots as the station’s orbit was starting to deteriorate. Commander Vakai’s team, consisting of Gomez, Sivol, Gomo, Maya and Koyda, with Ryker piloting the Runabout, had been on this unknown, yet long abandoned space station that was orbiting this [...]

27 August 2021

Chapter Nine

USS Centaur: Episode Two Phase Two: Decay

“Oh. I apologize if I have startled you.” Said the robotic being. Gomo stepped away a few steps, Maya and Koyda with him, chatting with him, kinda laughing a little while Gomo glared at them. The rest of them, Vakai, Ryker, Sivol and Gomez looked at each other before looking back at the [...]

22 August 2021

Chapter Eight

USS Centaur: Episode Two Phase Two: Decay

The runabout came to a slowing stop just a ways away, taking in the sight of it before them. It had a similar structural style of the Unity Class Starbase with various differences to it, especially for the material that was used in constructing it. Which is the one thing that they were trying to [...]

16 August 2021

Chapter Seven

USS Centaur: Episode Two Phase Two: Decay

“So what do you think we are going to find?” Maya asked her lover, as they brought in their duffel bags of extra equipment and standard gear, trying to be as prepared as possible. Koyda shrugged his shoulders as he was inspecting his rifle before storing it in the locker. “No [...]