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Part of Bravo Fleet: Phase 2: Horizon

USS Saratoga: Revelations

Already on edge from their last mission, the Vesta is now being sent back to Kepara on a treasure hunt for Tkon technology. (USS Vesta)

Mission Description

Just as the crew of the USS Vesta thought their problems were over, things take an interesting turn when they are ordered to return to Kepara. Where it is rumored to have remnants of Tkon technology and possibly valuable information. They are ordered to beam down, investigate and retrieve anything they find that could be linked to the Tkon. How will the Captain and crew respond to now being sent on a treasure hunt on a planet with a pre-warp civilization?

About the Mission

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30 August 2021

Honey, We're Home

USS Saratoga: Revelations

Makayla looked around the room, they were still waiting on the two security officers to arrive. Jeesa and Damir were talking with each other as they waited while Jheria just stood there quietly waiting. Adams herself kept playing different scenarios around in her head of both things that could [...]

29 August 2021


USS Saratoga: Revelations

After arriving back on the bridge for the third time that day, she looked at the Captain. “So, my hypothesis was correct Kepara was at one point a Tkon world and was the only planet that is in this system to have been moved some thousands of years ago before they went extinct,” Jeesa said as [...]

29 August 2021

Hidden Truths

USS Saratoga: Revelations

Shortly after arriving in the Astrometrics Lab, Jheria opened the panel below the main console that Jeesa would be using. After accessing the main power relay to the main sensors and the deflector dish she started to make the adjustments needed to boost the sensor rage for both the planet as well [...]

27 August 2021

A Second Go

USS Saratoga: Revelations

“Wonder what Lieutenant Atur found that was so important to rush into the Captain’s office so quickly?” Odan asked looking at Chon’al who just shrugged while opening his mouth to speak before being cut off, “maybe it has to do with our mission?” Deza spoke up from flight control as she [...]