Part of Bravo Fleet: Phase 2: Horizon

USS Odyssey: X Never, Ever Marks The Spot

What appears to be an unusual planet in an unusual place becomes more as further mysteries are dug up.

Mission Description

Odyssey has been ordered to the Burbidge Cluster in the Delta Hedalos Sector. The cluster has no other inhabitable planets, most are gas giants or solid rock except for one. Exploring this planet and discovering why it is the only one to sustain life in the cluster has now become the ship’s priority, but the exploration of the planet’s surface takes the crew further into the mystery. Eventually they find the remains of an ancient civilisation and a symbol etched brings more surprises. Before long the crew find themselves beginning a quest that they had not seen coming.

About the Mission

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26 August 2021

Putting The Pieces Together

USS Odyssey: X Never, Ever Marks The Spot

Rubbing his face, Captain McCallister couldn’t quite believe what he was now confronted with. Standing in the exobiology lab after being called down by Doctor Slyvexs, he was now trying to make pleasantries with an ancient hologram. A photonic projection that made the EMH Mark I appear [...]

25 August 2021


USS Odyssey: X Never, Ever Marks The Spot

Blinking several times, Commander Hunsen couldn’t believe his luck. A level of exhaustion washed over him as he finally completed the task at hand. Wanting to give himself a pat on the back, the chief engineer waved his tricorder in the air. “I did it.” He cried to his teammates. Covered in [...]

24 August 2021

Life From Lifelessness

USS Odyssey: X Never, Ever Marks The Spot

Working with the biology department’s main lab was another welcome change for Odyssey’s chief medical officer. Slyvexs found the change of scenery from being in the large medical complex aided with her enjoying her current work. Though it was not her job to perform such work, her field of [...]

23 August 2021

Burning Questions

USS Odyssey: X Never, Ever Marks The Spot

Using the holographic communication device to speak with Commodore Bennet and his wife allowed McCallister the opportunity to go over their discoveries on Outré.  The holographic version of Bennet was of him standing in his ready room as he attempted to multi-task by listening to the Odyssey crew [...]