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Part of the unit-wide mission Devron Fleet Yards: Headquarters

Devron Fleet Yards: Headquarters

Task Force 93 Headquarters Missions

Mission Description

Devron Fleet Yards (DFY) is a maintenance and repair facility in the Beta Quadrant on the border of Federation space adjacent to the old Romulan Neutral Zone. Rather than constructing new starships, DFY was originally built to support the massive evacuation effort of the Romulan homeworld in the early 2380s. The yard continues to service starships engaging in humanitarian support and border patrol missions in the area, especially when they need more extensive repairs than nearby border outposts can provide. Though not a starbase, it now serves as headquarters to the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 93, which formerly had jurisdiction over the entire Romulan Border but now handles humanitarian missions across Federation space.

While relations between the Federation and the splintered Romulan factions have remained cool to cordial (depending on the faction), the area near DFY is unstable on both sides of the border, necessitating missions launched from DFY on runabouts and Task Force 93’s starships to help stabilize the region.

Writing on Devron Fleet Yards

This is the Headquarters for TF93, and an open playground for fiction that is:

– Set in and around the old Romulan Neutral Zone
– Written by or in consultation with TF staff to advance the Task Force plotline
– Written by members who are junior officers (those holding the ranks of Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade, or Lieutenant) about their primary characters’ adventures

Or some combination of the above!

Any member of the Task Force is welcome to start a Mission if it falls into one of the above categories.  The main purpose of this section is to house and support the writing of junior officers about their primary character. This usually takes two broad forms:

– Stories about the history of your primary character, before they have become a ship commander
– Stories about these primary characters assigned to the Task Force HQ in 2399, as officers expected to soon become starship commanders and in the meantime given missions in the region

Once you reach the rank of Lieutenant Commander, you can request your own Command and write there.

Please make sure your thread follows Canon Policy – I encourage you to refer specifically to Sections 1 and 4.3 – and bear in mind the following for writing in this section:

– There is no plot you are required to adhere to. You are encouraged to come up with your own missions and storylines.
– These stories should be fairly self-contained, episodic adventures that do not massively change the canon of the regions.
– You are free to write on your own or collaborate with others. Reach out to members of your TF on Discord if you want a writing buddy!
– Junior officers’ stories can be set on any of the ships in the expeditionary force, or about a lone officer deployed somewhere in the region, or with a team dispatched on a specific mission from the station by runabout
– You don’t need to worry about length; Stories can be as long or short as you want. We encourage good spelling and grammar so your writing can be easily enjoyed, but nobody will be enforcing this!
– You should keep your own Stories to one Mission.

If you have any questions, including how to get started, please ask your Task Force senior staff and they will be happy to help out.

Devron Fleet Yards In-Play

If you’re a junior officer wanting to write in the Task Force 93 Headquarters, this is the place to start. Your primary character is likely assigned to Devron Fleet Yards as an officer trusted to lead whole missions and operations away from the station as befits their status and skill set. They will easily be granted a team, a runabout, an assignment, and be sent forth into the old Romulan Neutral Zone or along the Federation border to maintain TF93’s remit of humanitarian aid.

These missions might be:

– Providing a relief operation to a Federation border world devastated by an environmental threat
– Building infrastructure and defense protocols on a neutral planet in the old Neutral Zone to keep them safe from opportunistic raiders or the reach of the Romulan Free State
– Guarding a supply convoy as it passes near the known operating area of a renegade Romulan warlord
– Surveying a system beyond the Federation border that Starfleet can only explore now they can move freely through the old Neutral Zone
– Responding to a medical emergency by picking up Romulan refugees and transporting them to the hospital on Devron Fleet Yards
– Maintaining a piece of Starfleet infrastructures like a communications relay or a sensor platform in deep space
– Patrolling an area of space where recent pirate raids have been taking place alongside minor skirmishes with the Fenris Rangers

Or any other adventures you think might be appropriate near the old Neutral Zone! Just start a Mission under Devron Fleet Yards and get writing!

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28 November 2021

A Journey Home

Devron Fleet Yards: Headquarters

Walking out of her office, she looked to where Sari would be only to see an Ensign sitting there, she then remembered that Sari was on Risa enjoying her honeymoon. “Ensign, I do not want to be disturbed for the rest of the day,” Azras said with a soft smile. Looking up at the Fleet Captain, [...]