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Part of the unit-wide mission Devron Fleet Yards: Headquarters

A Journey Home

Holodeck, Devron Fleet Yards
November 2399
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Walking out of her office, she looked to where Sari would be only to see an Ensign sitting there, she then remembered that Sari was on Risa enjoying her honeymoon. “Ensign, I do not want to be disturbed for the rest of the day,” Azras said with a soft smile.

Looking up at the Fleet Captain, “Aye sir.” Came the reply from the Ensign as she stood up from the desk.

“At ease Ensign,” she said with a warm smile before she headed off down the stairs towards the turbolift. Azras had reserved a holodeck suite for the remainder of the day as she had a surprise for her husband and children. After recent events, even she needed some relaxation and time to unwind. Azras had sent a message to the commanding officers that were in her Task Force that they were granted to take some much-needed R&R.

Tapping her commbadge “Arzin my dear, could you and the children meet me at holodeck two in about thirty minutes?” Azras said over the comm channel.

“Sure dear,” Arzin replied wondering why but he’s learned to not question her motives too much. “We will see you soon,” he added before the comm channel was closed.

It has been many years since they were able to travel home to Trill, even though they were not able to go there in person she felt that the holodeck was the next best thing. She had planned a picnic at the pond near the forest that was located near the caves of Mak’ala. It was her favorite place to go to relax and unwind growing up, it was a quiet area though still had people coming and going.

After a while of walking, she finally reached the holodeck, tapping a few commands into the console. “Computer, begin program Azras homestead,” she said as the computer beeped. Taking a deep breath she walked into the holodeck, doors closing shut behind her, it was as if she was there in person.

Standing there for a moment taking in the sights, the birds were singing and people were walking up and down the walking path talking amongst themselves. It truly felt like she was really there, she had a picnic basket in her hand as she walked over to her usual spot she always loved sitting.

Soon after she got things set up the doors to the holodeck opened and in walked her husband Arzin and two children Linha and Yadri. Linha was on break from the academy and decided to spend time on Devron with her family. 

“Oh, a picnic!” Yadri exclaimed rather excitedly.

Azrin smiled at the program she decided to run, “a nice touch of home.” Azrin replied as they walked up to her.

“I thought so too, since we can’t visit home right now I figured this be the next best thing,” Azras said as she smiled as the three of them sat down next to her.

“The food smells delicious,” Linha said as she smelled the food.

“All of your favorites,” Azras replied with a smile as they began to relax and enjoy their food talking amongst themselves. Azras has been neglecting spending quality time with her family over the last few months between the events of Archanis and the Omega Directive. She made sure to make time, canceled all her meetings for the day just to spend time with her family and relax.

Though her husband never complained, he was always understanding. “After we eat, let us take a hike up the forest,” Azras mentioned while looking at them.

“That would be lovely,” Azrin replied.

“Is it scary?” Yadri replied as the last time he was on Trill he was just a small child.

“No dear, it is quite beautiful and quiet,” Azrin replied rubbing his son on the head with a chuckle.

“Oh, I forgot to mention this mom and dad. I applied to the Symbiont Commission to begin the process to become joined.” Linha replied as both Azras and Azrin looked at her.

“That is great dear,” Azras replied with a smile as that was a huge decision. “Just know the process can be grueling and can be frustrating at times,” Azras replied looking at her oldest child.

“I know mom,” Linha replied.

“Also, remember not everyone gets approved so please don’t get too disappointed if you don’t get accepted. I have faith in you, but just don’t want you to get your hopes up too badly.” Azras replied as they all stood up, remembering the process all too well like it was yesterday even though it was many years ago.

Linha nodded, “I understand.”

Embracing her in a hug, letting her know just how proud she was of all that she has accomplished and set her mind to. “I am very proud of you no matter what,” she said before releasing her and clasping her hands together.

“Well, what do you say we go for that walk,” Azras replied with a smile as the four of them cleaned up the dishes and watched them disappear. They began to walk down the walkway towards the forest where there was a walking trail. They would spend the majority of the day in the holodeck, away from the worries of the endless amounts of paperwork, dealing with Captains within her Task Force.