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Official Fleet-Wide Mission

Bravo Fleet: The Archanis Campaign

The Hunters of D'Ghor are raiding Federation worlds - and only the 4th Fleet stands in their way

Mission Description

Campaigns are writing and role-play events, run by the Lore Office on BFMS. Lasting a few months, they focus on a critical event in Bravo Fleet canon with which all members may engage. Through writing your own stories about the adventures of your ship or team, or joining others in roleplay, you can influence a Fleet-wide narrative. You don’t have to put your other writing on hold for months to make your contribution. It could be one short tale of your ship or team responding to a situation. Or you could get stuck into role-play with a group of other members. Or you can really commit and tell a whole story across multiple missions! What you write will be taken by the Lore Office and impact what happens next.



A surge of incursions from Klingon renegades into Federation space has plunged the Archanis Sector into chaos, and the Fourth Fleet has been dispatched to restore stability.

Near the Klingon-Federation border, the fallen house now known as the Hunters of D’Ghor has launched a series of attacks upon largely undefended colonies and unprepared Starfleet defences. What was once a quiet region close to allied space has become a war zone.

The Hunters of D’Ghor are not standing their ground. Lone or small groups of ships strike from nowhere and disappear as quickly. In between, they seize resources, pick fights with foes they deem worthy, and there are unconfirmed reports they have seized slaves. It is unknown what has triggered these raids: a scrabble for resources, the sabre-rattling of hungry warriors, or some other mystery. It is unknown how many ships and warriors the Hunters have brought to bear on the Archanis Sector. It is unknown what it will take them to stop.

Starfleet has limited answers. They know the Hunters are likely launching operations from the Archanis Nebula, nearby in Klingon territory. But the Hunters have prowled there for decades, and know its secrets and hiding places better than anyone. Starfleet knows who leads these Hunters, for Kuskir, son of D’Ghor has either proclaimed himself at any attack, or been the name howled by his loyal warriors in honour. A younger son of the head of the fallen house, all Starfleet Intelligence can say for sure is that he is an emerging face among the Hunters, likely hungry to establish himself.

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