USS Pioneer: Murder on the Oridian Express

When a crime is discovered aboard the pleasure cruiser SS Christie, the crew of Pioneer must race to find the culprit on a ship where everyone is a suspect.

Mission Description

Following repairs at DS19 whilst they delivered prisoneers from their recent encounter at Valkoran base, Pioneer is once again setting out en route to the Talvath Cluster, intent on beginning their mission of exploration.

When Starfleet calls with an urgent re-assignment our crew finds themselves instead heading to the uninhabited system of Agrima, deep in the stretch of uncolonized space on the Federation’s northern border. There, the pleasure cruiser SS Christie awaits them a mystery locked away in its lower decks, a bloody mystery.

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3 June 2024

One Too Many Glasses (Prologue)

USS Pioneer: Murder on the Oridian Express

Alliana clutched her champagne flute tightly between her slender fingers, acutely aware the delicate crystal neck could snap at any moment and make her embarrassing situation all the worse. Taking a deep breath and flashing her most convincing smile to a passing Andorian server, who responded with [...]