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USS Jaxartes: Mesakh wuh kim-shah krup

Beyond the final frontier, and the boundary of known space, chaos awaits.

Mission Description

‘They had roamed another Dimension since our Universe was created; and there were those who believed even before that.  Some of them had the power to manipulate the minds of individuals or whole races, bending them to their will.  Wars had been started and unspeakable horrors inflicted; all in their name.  Others of their kind had altered time and the fabric of space.  Plagues, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions; every type of disaster imaginable had been created by them at some point.

They appeared as Gods, spirits or mortals depending on their desires and whim.  But they all had the same overwhelming craving; to rule, to rule over the chaos and mayhem they had helped create, to be masters of all they surveyed.  Everything that wasn’t ‘of their kind’ only existed to serve, worship and obey them, or die if they dared act in defiance.  They were near immortal what did the life of one individual mean to them, a thousand, a million, billions, the numbers were immaterial. Only total domination mattered’

Commander Salan of the USS Jaxartes and a small group of individuals also taken captive by the mysterious Pelcaza’s who’s home world lies beyond Harpers Rift, will come face to face with one of these near immortal beings.  Possibly the last of them still living and free, but no less deadly than those that have gone before.

In a ‘Pocket Universe’ were time has little meaning; the Helgeshran waits and plots.  But what are his plans for the Vulcan and the rest held prisoner?

About the Mission

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10 June 2024

Part 8 Krus ohkuh

USS Jaxartes: Mesakh wuh kim-shah krup

Lieutenant JG. Jason Devron and Doctor Phoebe Andrianakis stood side by side in the transporter room; their fingers touched briefly, as if reassuring the other of their presents.  But neither of them looked at each other, instead focusing on the shimmering column of light which heralded the [...]

4 June 2024

Part 7 Krus stehkuh

USS Jaxartes: Mesakh wuh kim-shah krup

After edging along the rock face in total darkness; the two Starfleet Officers eventually saw a faint glimmer of light in the distance.  Salan squeezed Bolka’s hand reassuringly; they hadn’t let go of each other since the   Bajoran had nearly fallen to her death in the [...]

2 June 2024

Part 6: Krus shehkuh

USS Jaxartes: Mesakh wuh kim-shah krup

Every day was basically the same; wake up, wash, eat, exercise.  A regimented routine of total monotony, designed to were them down and slowly sap their mental strength, coupled with all of the mysterious goings on in the white room.  Four times now, Lieutenant Bolka had been in that [...]

31 May 2024

Part 5: Krus kaukuh

USS Jaxartes: Mesakh wuh kim-shah krup

Salan was sleeping soundly in his bed, when he felt a gentle yet firm shake of his right shoulder.  “Lieutenant Bolka.” The Vulcan murmured before half opening his eyes. “Is something the matter?”  He rolled on to his back, looking into the Bajoran’s eyes.  She appeared [...]