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Part of USS Jaxartes: Mesakh wuh kim-shah krup

Part 8 Krus ohkuh

USS Jaxartes at Harpers Rift
23rd August 2401 11:20
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Lieutenant JG. Jason Devron and Doctor Phoebe Andrianakis stood side by side in the transporter room; their fingers touched briefly, as if reassuring the other of their presents.  But neither of them looked at each other, instead focusing on the shimmering column of light which heralded the impending arrival of Commander Salan.

Devron gave a crisp salute to the Vulcan officer, once he was fully materialised. “It’s wonderful to see you Sir.”

“Permission to come aboard?  Captain.” The Vulcan replied.

“Granted Sir, most warmly and thankfully granted.” Beamed Jason, he had so many questions on his mind, but realised than now was probably not the most appropriate time to start asking them.  “If you’d like to go with the doctor here, we can get you checked out.”

“Doctor Andrianakis, it is pleasing to see you again.” Salan responded. “I am in your capable hands.” 

The doctor had noted the way the Vulcan held his left arm fixed and pressed against his chest, that it had been injured in some way, she’d get that sorted out first before carrying on with any other scans and treatment.


It didn’t take long for Adriankis to sort out the injured arm, a quick scan with a Medical Tricorder revealed a diagonal crack half way across the Ulna, just above the wrist joint.  Salan was now dressed in a simple medical gown rather than the robes he’d arrived in; which currently lay draped over a trolley in the corner.  He’d described to her some of the details of how he and Lieutenant had attempted to make their escape and the resulting injury he’d sustained in making the jump over the river.  There was clearly a slight uncharacteristic tremble in the Vulcans voice, and on one occasion he even referred to the Bajoran by her first name. 

There was a moment though; when the Commanders demeanour seemed to change, the doctor almost missed it, but when she looked into the Vulcans eyes, they blazed with fire.  Andrianakis went to back away and raise the alarm, as she realised something was dreadfully wrong.  Salan had other ideas though; the Vulcan’s quick reflexes brought both his hands around the side of the Greek woman’s head.  The doctor felt the Commanders fingers press into her flesh, and felt his mind forcing its way into her thoughts.


The endless dusty desert highway was empty; as it usually had been, when Phoebe’s dreams had brought her here.  She was not alone though; standing before her was Commander Salan, bathed in an odd green glow.

“Who are you to dare defy me?” The words came from the Vulcan’s lips, but it was not his voice that spoke them.

“I am Doctor Phoebe Andrianakis. Medical Officer aboard the USS Jaxartes.” She replied. “But then you should know that.”

Salan glared back at her, those eyes blazing like two mini suns.  “Liar!  No mere mortal could summon up a world at will!”  The words rolled like thunder.

Andrianakis was stunned into silence for a moment.  What did he mean by ‘summon’.  This was a dream right world all in her mind, wasn’t it?  Then she remembered the last time she’d been here.  When a man by the name of Jerry Flint had tried to kill her.  As per the orders of Captain Fitzpatrick; a corrupt and dangerous Starfleet officer, who’s path she and Devron had crossed shortly after ‘Frontier Day’.  Flint had been run over by a truck right on the very highway the two of them now stood by.  None of it had ever made sense to her, she’d pushed all those thoughts to the back of her mind; dismissing the whole thing as a bizarre stress induced hallucination.   But then a hallucination could never crush a grown man to death.

Salan was slowly dancing from one foot to the other, as if sizing her up, ready to make a move.  “Who are you?” The doctor asked, hoping to engage the Vulcan or whatever had control of him in conversation, rather than a brawl.

“I am Helgeshran, He of the light, Eternal Gatekeeper and Shield bearer of Thranoth.” The voice boomed. “All will yield to me or die.”

“I don’t see a lot of yielding or dying right now.” Replied Andrianakis in an uncharacteristically bold manner.

“Then let me remedy that situation.” The voice of Helgeshran from Salan’s lips mocked.  The Commanders hand rose to just below head height and he lunged forward.  The doctor dodged to one side, with a speed that both shocked her, and caught the Vulcan out completely.  He staggered a few paces; before coming to a halt and turning to face his quarry once more.  Two more attempts were made by the Vulcan, with more or less the same result.  The fourth time though; he pivoted on his right heel at the last possible moment, and his hand closed around her wrist.

The best way to have describe it; was like being struck by lightning, but the doctor was the conductor of the electricity.  The air crackled and buzzed, sparks danced between then and flesh burned; before they were both flung apart.  Neither of them landed in the sand; instead both came crashing down on the hard deck of the Medical room some three metres apart.


When Jason came bursting into the room, before the doors had even had the chance to fully open; he was both the doctor and commander lying on the floor.  The EMH was by Andrianakis, scanning her. “What happened?” He yelled at the hologram. 

“I have no idea, sir.” Replied the EMH continuing with his work. “I wasn’t activated until after the power surge was detected.” 

Devron helped get her on to one of the Bio-beds; noticing the severe burn mark around he left wrist.  Salan hand a fairly similar burn across the palm of his right hand.  By then both Ensign C’Rren and crewman Appleby had arrived to help get the commander on the second bed, and lend any extra medical assistance. 

Andrianakis and Salan, both seemed in relatively stable condition; the wounds were deep and would require several treatments with the Dermal Regenerator to completely clear up.  For now the EMH had just made sure they wouldn’t get infected and relieve any symptoms of pain the two would feel when they awoke. 

The doctor was the first to come round; she seemed a bit disorientated, mumbling something about sand and a highway.  Jason held her hand and whispered words of comfort as the EMH busied itself with scanning and monitoring.  “Well other than the second degree burn, I’m detecting an erratic heartbeat, which I should be able to correct in a moment and some rather dramatic brain activity which as honestly got me stumped.” Announced the EMH after a few minutes. “And I’ve got rather a lot of information and data at my disposal.”  He taped the side of his head lightly, though in essence everything he knew was held within the ships main computer core. 

She looked across at the Vulcan, becoming a little more aware of her surroundings; the memory of what had happened slowly surfacing. “Is he?”

“Dead no.” Answered the EMH. “He’ll wake up feeling like he did three rounds with a rather angry Klingon, but other than that.”

Phoebe looked back at Jason; as much searching for answers in his eyes as she was in her own mind.  He seemed calmer than she would have expected, or was that just her?


It was another three days before their holographic nursemaid would allow them to leave sickbay.  Salan couldn’t apologies enough for his actions, even though he wasn’t in control of his own body at the time.  The Vulcan Mind Meld wasn’t something to be taken lightly, but to use it as a way of controlling or altering someone else’s mind by force.  Just actually thinking of a thing made him feel uneasy.  His last memory had been of the doctor treating his injured arm; then next he was lying on the bed apparently several hours later, having suffered an electric shock.

Those three day’s had given the rest of the crew time to study the navigational computer aboard the small craft the commander had made his escape in, and what they discovered was something way beyond expectations!

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