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Part of USS Lakota: Episode 2: A Parting of Ways

USS Hypatia: Episode 1: Echoes of Ambition

Presented with an exciting new opportunity, Captain Kauhn jumps at the chance to join the USS Hypatia as her new commander. As the senior staff assembles, the Captain makes a difficult choice that leads to an uncomfortable reunion with his former Captain.

Mission Description

With the Quasaris lockdown still in effect, Lakota Squadron continues its blockade of the system. Medical vessels continue to render support to the worlds affected by the virus whilst the Cardassians continue to watch from afar. It isn’t long before one of Starfleet’s premier science vessels, the USS Hypatia arrives, sparking hope that Lakota and her squadron will soon be allowed to move on to new ventures. Captain Kauhn of the Buran is presented with an exciting new endeavour – Hypatia needs a Captain, and he is Starfleet’s choice.

Assuming command of the Sutherland-class research cruiser, Giarvar soon learns that Starfleet has been far from honest with him; his senior staff is far from complete, and he’s expected to fill the vacancies with some of the squadron’s most senior officers, much to the chagrin of his former commander.

Offers of exciting missions of scientific discovery prove too much for some to turn down as they seek to finally step out of the shadows of their colleagues and forge their own paths. Others, however, toil over their decision – will they choose loyalty to their captain and squadron, or will they take the plunge on a new career path with Captain Kauhn and the Hypatia?

About the Mission

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Start Date

5 June 2024

5 - A Parting of Ways

USS Hypatia: Episode 1: Echoes of Ambition

Waiting anxiously for the turbo lift at the end of deck two, Giarvar found himself tapping his foot in frustration. He wasn’t used to waiting for turbo lifts these days, especially at this late hour of the day. Such was the hour that he hadn’t even bothered to put his uniform jacket on again, [...]

5 June 2024

4 - Long Distance Communique´

USS Hypatia: Episode 1: Echoes of Ambition

Ripping open the front of his uniform jacket, Giarvar marched straight up to the doors of his new quarters at such a pace that if he had been so much as a nanosecond earlier, he would have face-planted the doors and required a trip to sickbay. As luck would have it, his movements were timed to [...]

20 May 2024

3 - Musical Starships

USS Hypatia: Episode 1: Echoes of Ambition

Whilst many would have thought the maintenance of auxiliary craft would have been below a Lieutenant Commander who spent most of her time on the pristine bridge of the ship, Maddison Burton didn’t. She had always been hands-on, way back to when her grandfather had her rebuilding lawnmowers and [...]

15 May 2024

2 - Stacking the Deck

USS Hypatia: Episode 1: Echoes of Ambition

Andorians were not known for their patience at the best of times, but keeping one holed up in a transporter room for nearly fifteen minutes, without explanation, was a surefire way to ruin whatever was to come. Especially one as feisty as Tharia sh’Elas. Especially without even so much as a hint [...]