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USS Lakota: Episode 2: A Parting of Ways

Lakota's mission in the former demilitarised zone is put at risk when a familiar face returns with interesting offers for several of the ship's crew. With an opportunity for many to finally step up and forge a new path for themselves, will they opt for captain or career?

Mission Description

With the Quasaris lockdown still in effect, Lakota Squadron continues its blockade of the system. Medical vessels continue to render support to the worlds affected by the virus whilst the Cardassians continue to watch from afar. It isn’t long before one of Starfleet’s premier science vessels, the USS Hypatia arrives, sparking hope that Lakota will soon be allowed to move on to new ventures, but their hopes are dashed when a familiar face presents an exciting opportunity for several members of the crew.

An opportunity to join Hypatia on her missions of scientific endeavour proves too much for some to turn down as they seek to finally step out of the shadows of their colleagues and forge their own paths. Others, however, toil over their decision – will they choose loyalty to their captain, or take the plunge on a new career path?

When Lakota and Hypatia finally part ways, neither crew will ever be the same again.

About the Mission

USS Lakota
Total Stories
Start Date

31 May 2024

6 - A Parting of Ways

USS Lakota: Episode 2: A Parting of Ways

Across the ship, there were very few signs of life on this particular evening. Engineering had only a skeleton crew keeping things ticking over; sickbay was deserted; even the social capital of the ship, the messhall, was all but abandoned. It wasn’t that something sinister was taking place; her [...]

31 May 2024

5 - When the Light Fades

USS Lakota: Episode 2: A Parting of Ways

Time had passed slowly since the Away Team’s return to the Lakota in the early hours of the morning. She’d tried to get some sleep and had managed an hour, maybe two at a push, but she’d finally accepted defeat. Sleep would evade her for now. Instead, she’d showered, and pottered around her [...]

30 May 2024

4 - Shattered Hopes

USS Lakota: Episode 2: A Parting of Ways

Known throughout the quadrant to many different species, the Orion people were often called many things, but patience was never one of the traits associated with the green-skinned humanoids. Even for those in Starfleet, who had acclimated themselves to their surroundings and the need to develop [...]

27 May 2024

3 - Coming of Age

USS Lakota: Episode 2: A Parting of Ways

Lakota‘s sleek frame slipped effortlessly out of her warp drive vortex on the edge of the Un’gar system, marking the first time many of her crew had had the privilege of visiting their colleague’s beautiful home system. For others, it was an unwelcome return; memories of their friends and [...]