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USS Hypatia

Sutherland-class • NCC-91825 • Task Force 17

In the vast expanse of space, where exploration meets discovery, the USS Hypatia emerges as a beacon of scientific inquiry and innovation. Named after the renowned ancient mathematician and philosopher, Hypatia symbolizes the pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment that echoes across the centuries.

As the third vessel to proudly bear the name in Starfleet’s illustrious history, she was launched in the wake of Frontier Day, a pivotal moment marking a new era for all. Under the command of Captain Giarvar Kauhn, a Trill whose symbiotic connection brings centuries of collective wisdom and experience, the crew sets forth on its mission to push the boundaries of scientific understanding. With its state-of-the-art laboratories, cutting-edge research facilities, and a diverse crew of experts from across the Federation, the Hypatia is poised to unlock the secrets of the universe and inspire generations to come.

The stories of Lakota Squadron are rated 2-2-2 for mature subject matter, including some moderate violence, language and sexual content.

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8 July 2024

4 - Voyagers

USS Hypatia: Rift in the Stars

An entirely new area of the galaxy, an area of space that looked pristine and untouched by the rest of the universe, instantly erupted into chaos as an all too familiar lightning storm in space quickly exploded into a wormhole exit aperture. Mere seconds later, and at a speed far quicker than had [...]

1 July 2024

3 - Rift Dynamics

USS Hypatia: Rift in the Stars

Amidst the swirling clouds of the Vadlox gaseous anomaly, the science ship Hypatia struggled to withstand the force of the gravimetric distortion wave that had gripped her seemingly out of nowhere. With her engines charged to pull the ship full astern, she groaned beneath the counteracting forces [...]

19 June 2024

2 - Vadlox, with A Vengeance

USS Hypatia: Rift in the Stars

With the swirling of gas clouds, and colliding of nucleogenic particles, the pooling of pre-animate matter and the static discharges light up, there was no way to describe the Vadlox nebula other than a scientists dream. One could spend a lifetime scanning and collecting data and they would only [...]

15 June 2024

1 - To Vadlox, with Love... and Trepidation

USS Hypatia: Rift in the Stars

Swirling clouds of high density plasmatic energy wouldn’t normally be enough to warrant the presence of a ship as advanced as the Hypatia, but combined with increased subnucleonic radiation, high levels of static discharge and pockets of ionised gas, the recent change in the Vadlox Nebula had [...]