USS Lakota (NCC-42768)

Lakota discovers a ruined research facility where genetic experiments have led to the creation of several dangerous beings, sparking ethical debates and moral dilemmas among the crew. Can they contain the situation before it turns into a catastrophe of epic proportions?


Excelsior II-class • NCC-42768 • Task Force 17

USS Lakota is an Excelsior-II-class heavy cruiser assigned as the flagship of the Fourth Fleet’s Lakota Squadron. Continuing a long and proud legacy, she is the fourth vessel to bear the proud Lakota name. Representing a contemporary and versatile upgrade to the iconic Excelsior-class starships of yesteryear, she is a versatile ship taking on a path of her own in these challenging times, operating in some of the most dangerous areas of the galaxy.

Having bounced back from the loss of their captain during the deadly Frontier Day disaster, the crew have found new life under the command of Fleet Captain Keziah Nazir, restoring their belief and hope for the future. Together, Captain and crew complete their shakedown, and venture beyond the borders of Federation space as the tumultuous Demilitarised Zone threatens to unravel and bring an end to a near two-decade long peace process…

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The stories of Lakota Squadron are rated 2-2-2 for mature subject matter, including some moderate violence, language and sexual content.

Avatars in this squadron are personal commissions, or located at Sci-Fi Avatars or Free Use from STPMA.

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21 May 2024

2 - A Matter of Time

USS Lakota: Episode 2: A Parting of Ways

Marching into sickbay, Noli was a woman on a mission. She’d been alerted to the medical emergency by the bridge crew and had immediately made for sickbay. She’d been filled in on the particulars by Teyahna, who’d been left in command of the bridge during their absence. Entering the medical [...]

20 May 2024

1 - The Prodigal Daughter Returns

USS Lakota: Episode 2: A Parting of Ways

“So far, we’ve lost fourteen people to Giarvar and the Hypatia. Linn is the most senior to go.” A wordsmith would be forgiven for looking at Keziah Nazir in that particular moment and coming up with no other word than dejected. As she stood at the window of the observation lounge and looked [...]

20 May 2024

9 - The truth is out there

USS Lakota: Episode 1: Ethical Frontier

First Officer's log, supplemental. Commander Peri's away team has returned to the ship, having located Glinn Darro exactly where Doctor Orta's log suggested he would be; unconscious, but alive. Given the disaster on the surface, we can afford to take no liberties when it comes to the security [...]

28 April 2024

8 - Any Means Necessary

USS Lakota: Episode 1: Ethical Frontier

A fist smashing into a computer terminal caused the majority of the group to jump, especially the fragile Ensign who had been assigned from the Lakota's science department. Once her heart slid down her oesophagus and back into its normal position, the biologist shot her Trill counterpart a look [...]