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We Are The Borg – Starbase Bravo and USS Columbia mission releases!

October 20, 2023

The Academy and Operations Departments are happy to announce that our two Writing Sandboxes, Starbase Bravo and USS Columbiawill be joining in with the next Fleet Action: We Are The Borg! We are very excited with the mission outlines prepared for those who want to be involved, and remember; if you collaborate with another member, this means you can gain Duty Ribbons! Also, if you have not joined either of these great outlets for creative collaborative writing, then why not? Also, this is a great way for any of our newcomers to be involved in the Fleet Action storytelling – either solo or with others!

Remember that when writing for the Fleet Action, you should not be writing anything before it starts. Please chat with your fellow members to work out how you may collaborate and/or start thinking about what you may do.

Join us before the Fleet Action starts! If you have any questions, please reach out to the Academy staff for Starbase Bravo and the Operations staff for Columbia.

In the meantime, read below for more information about these two exciting missions!

Starbase Bravo: The Wreck Of Us

A semblance of routine has returned to the Mellstoxx system.  Starbase Bravo has been largely untouched by the recent losses Starfleet has suffered.  The Deneb Sector was too distant for most to combat against the Dominion’s Lost Fleet.  When the last gasp of the Borg Queen attempted to assimilate all of Starfleet’s youngest officers, Starbase Bravo was protected from the reach of the assimilation signal by the Paulson Nebula.  The crew aboard SBB has worked tirelessly to remove the dormant Borg DNA from all of their young officers.

Now Starbase Bravo has dispatched the USS Exeter on a training mission to study the properties of the Paulson Nebula that protected the Mellstoxx system from the Borg assimilation signal.  With what Starfleet has learned of the Borg’s plot, the makeshift crew of the Exeter has been assigned to hypothesize what combination of gases, particulate matter and spatial anomalies successfully blocked the signal.  As always, fully commissioned officers from Starbase Bravo have been invited to serve in positions on the Exeter’s crew too.

What the crew finds, instead, is a new Borg transmission.  A Borg homing signal leads the Exeter to the wreckage of a small Borg probe ship.  Reports are coming in from all over the quadrant about similar homing signals activating.  There are even rumours of Borg ships responding to those homing signals out in the distant Beta and Delta Quadrants.  The damage on the probe’s hull suggests it was incapacitated in the intense ion storms of the Century Storm.  The preliminary away team finds the probe’s systems and drones have been wasting away from the effects of Voyager’s neurolytic pathogen.  However, six of those drones have survived.

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USS Columbia: Too Many Pieces

While en route to patrol the Talarian border, long-range sensors detected a Borg transwarp signature just beyond Federation territory. When it suddenly disappears with no trace, Starfleet orders the Columbia to investigate.

Upon arriving in an uninhabited unexplored star system, the ship discovers the remains of a Borg Cube smashed to pieces across the star system. Wanting to find out why the Cube was so close to Federation space and what happened to it, Captain Corbin orders his crew to collect the remains and find the pieces to this puzzle. Nevertheless, they must move quickly before the Borg return and investigate what happened to one of its assets.

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