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Two New Games!

January 31, 2021

As operations officer, one of my favorite tasks is getting to let our community know when we have new opportunities for our members. In this specific existence, I’m pleased to announce that we have two new games opening, the USS Hippocrates and a game set right after The Burn in the 31st Century: Resilience, which is the first 31st century game in Bravo Fleet and the only one that I’m aware of in general.

To tempt you are a little, here are some concept summaries to make you want to check them out; as with all games, they’re available under the ‘Activities’ and ‘Fleet Operations’ headings on very same page that you’re reading this now!

The Hippocrates is being led by Angel, who’s eager to get our one and only medical ship off the ground! As one of our premade games, we’re happy to launch the Hippocrates with a fully-ready website, here.


While Starfleet’s exploratory and defensive arms often get the most attention, one has to remember that Starfleet is also the greatest humanitarian armada in the galaxy, with legions of purpose-built hospital ships serving alongside engineering support vessels, rapid-response crisis starships, and diplomatic couriers that are sent to put out the embers of diplomatic disputes before they turn into full-blown brush fires. The Hippocrates is one of Starfleet’s premier Olympic-class medical vessels, which are the largest mobile hospitals in the fleet. Capable of treat up to a thousand patients, while supporting deployable surface facilities to triage thousands more, she carries a medical staff of 750 in addition to 150 starship support personnel, making her as complex a command as Starfleet’s largest explorers. Her captain must not only be an experienced physician but also a commanding officer who can get her through postings on the Federation’s most distant borders with only the most basic armaments to ward off pirates, let alone major threat vessels. The Hippocrates is one of the most sought-after assignments for medical personnel in the Fourth Fleet, and Fleet Operations is ready to send her to lead the way with humanitarian operations all around the galaxy.

Resilience is being led by Sam Aubrey, who proposed the concept entirely from scratch. I’m excited to see where his vision goes, but we’ll leave you with just a taste: the banner and his proposal. The site is still under construction.

The year is 3069. The Eisenberg-Class ship USS Apache is visiting the supply yard at New Glasgow, when the events of The Burn occur. The Apache is destroyed, along with all ships in the galaxy with an active Warp core. The survivors of the event need to cobble up a functioning ship with the material they will find at the supply yard, and render assistance to the survivors of the Burn scattered throughout the sector, while they also attempt to regain contact with the Federation.

Witnessing the burn has left the entire crew with personal traumas: the loss of loved ones, who have either died, or who are now cut off from the crew, feelings of isolation, and the deaths of anyone in orbit they left behind. How will this crew come together and demonstrate their resilience?

And, as a shameless plug, we still have two other game concepts that are ready for applicants at the rank of Lieutenant or higher, so if you think that you’d like to try your hand at leading a group of writers through a roleplaying experience with support from the fleet, check out the Sagan and the Ares, and consider asking me about them on Discord! 

The USS Sagan is a Nova-class planetary surveyor. What does that mean, you ask? She’s a small, swift science vessel built to explore strange new worlds. When the Enterprise or the Yorktown leave orbit, the Sagan comes in to do detailed scientific analyses to find things that the big ships have missed, which they inevitably have! Based on similar technology as the Intrepid-class, this compact workhorse is capable of landing on planets to let her crews spend months investigating a single world and doing the thing that Starfleet is best at: expanding knowledge. The Sagan herself has a storied history within Bravo Fleet, serving under Captain Jonathan Knox in the late 2380s, where she participated in the stabilization of the Barzan Wormhole and discovered an intact Promelian Battlecruiser while on a survey assignment. In the intervening years, she has cataloged over five-hundred planets and other celestial bodies and has launched the careers of numerous young scientists. Recently overhauled, the Sagan is now ready for her seventh captain to lead her on a mission as the Fourth Fleet’s scientific tip of the spear, as Starfleet turns its eyes back to the wider galaxy.

Finally, we come to the Ares, an Intrepid-class starship that has nearly as storied a history as Voyager herself. Like her sister ships, she’s meant to journey far past the Federation’s borders to put her finely-tuned sensor arrays and well-equipped defenses to work in seeking out the unknown. In many ways one of the successors to the Galaxy-class project, the Intrepid is swift and smart, carrying out long-range exploratory missions with a crew of just 150. The Ares has been earmarked for strategic reconnaissance missions in areas of space newly opened to Starfleet beyond Klingon and Romulan space, operating far from reinforcements to conduct missions of scientific discovery and of first contact, under a captain who understands the mandate that all Starfleet captains hold: to be an ambassador for the ideals of the Federation while operating far from real-time instructions from command.