Task Force Staff Update #2

November 2, 2022

Hello Bravo Fleet!

We are happy to report that our recent recruitment efforts for our Task Force Senior Staff positions have been successful. We now have a full team of Task Force Commanding Officers and Task Force Executive Officers! As mentioned, if we had suitable candidates then we would appoint them sooner rather than waiting until the end of the current campaign.

Though the past two weeks as Task Force 93 Commanding Officer have been fun, I am delighted to hand the office over to someone who knows Task Force 93 very well, and their journey is undoubtedly a homecoming for them. I am pleased to announce that Fleet Captain Imya Jori (aka Leah/AzrasD) will succeed me in this role. After serving over six months as Task Force 47’s Executive Officer and doing an incredible job with Fleet Captain Alexandra Sudari-Kravchik (aka McGig) in building a Task Force from scratch (and can I say what an outstanding team they’ve been these past six months), it is great to see Leah return to the TFCO spot. I hope the competition between her and McGig is civil when it comes to next year’s FA to see who wins (however watch out guys as I know the other TFCOs are just as keen to take the crown)!!!

Next up, again, I am excited to share that we had two strong candidates apply for the Task Force Executive Officer role. Both candidates have shown their understanding of the job, and what will be expected of them. This was evident in their applications and follow-up conversations about it all, so we couldn’t wait to say yes!

Task Force 47’s new Executive Officer will be Captain Theo Barrington (aka Heidi/Mason), and Task Force 86’s new Executive Officer will be Captain Ryoko Takato (aka RaWolfe). I wish them all of the best in their new roles and welcome them to the great Bravo Fleet Command team. 

So to confirm our current Operations Team, these are our current members:

We look forward to the thrilling challenges that await this awesome team and to showing our members the wonderful fun that everyone can have here in our brilliant community!

Now back to the Campaign