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Task Force Staff Update

October 28, 2022

Hello, once again, Bravo Fleet! Your friendly Operations Officer here with another staffing update.

Recently the Task Force 72 Executive Officer position became vacant after Captain Italia Ruas (aka Kai) stepped down to focus on other matters (like the USS Venture RPG). We were very grateful for Kai’s time in this spot and for working hard with the TF72 team. We are always keen to bring in members with the time, energy and understanding of the role. We are also keen on building capacity within Bravo Fleet Command to ensure stable leadership, and succession planning is crucial. With this in mind, we have many great members of the BFC who dedicate their time to providing our members with a fantastic experience within Bravo Fleet. One of them is Captain London Malik, (also known as Harrington/Naris on Discord) who recently celebrated his six months anniversary as Task Force 86 Executive Officer. Well done, Harrington! However, we are not stopping there with Harrington. With the vacancy in Task Force 72 available, we have discussed with Harrington the possibility of him transferring to Task Force 72 to get a taste of another Task Force. We are happy to announce he accepted this new challenge and is now becoming Task Force 72’s Executive Officer. Though the change may seem out of the blue, this is something we have done in the past with other staff members, including yours truly. It helps people with particular knowledge and skills apply them in other areas of the fleet and learn about a different area too! Where this happens, we see noteworthy improvement in the experience we can offer our members. Change is good, and this change for Harrington will be great for him and Task Force 72. So please join me in congratulating him on his new job in a new Task Force!

However, Task Force 86, do not despair; we will not leave Fleet Captain Brodie Lewis (aka Darth) in the lurch. Obviously he will have the full support of the Operations Office during this time, and even though he is an experienced Task Force Commanding Officer (again six months as Task Force 86 Commanding Officer and prior to this he spent nine months as a Task Force Executive Officer along with having over a year as our Deputy Security/Gaming Officer), we do want to find Harrington’s successor. So, I am happy to share that we are starting a recruitment drive to find our next Task Force 86 Executive Officer! Those who are interested, please apply here. You have until now and before the end of the Blood Dilithium Campaign (12th December) to apply for this role; however, if we find a suitable candidate before the deadline, we may appoint them early. We are hoping to announce who the new Task Force 86 Executive Officer will be after the campaign (if not sooner). When applying, it is crucial that you understand what it means to be a Task Force Executive Officer. 

Task Force Executive Officers are the deputy leaders of the five Task Forces. They share the responsibility for developing a sense of camaraderie in their units, organising competitions, and helping members navigate the rank system by nominating the appropriate OCS rewards for their activity. They are also members of Bravo Fleet Command, where they have a voice in the overall direction of the fleet. Subordinate to the Bravo Fleet Operations Officer, they work in partnership with their TFCOs to ensure consistent opportunities for members to get involved across the fleet. TFXOs must also be exemplars of activity by demonstrating at least moderately strong activity levels and participating conscientiously on Discord. Generally speaking, a member should be at least a Lieutenant Commander to apply to this position, demonstrating familiarity with Bravo Fleet. Previous staff experience is not required.

We are looking for a candidate who has the time to take on this role, someone who wants to give back to our community and ensure our members have a great time. In return, we can provide you with training and support to understand your new role. We can provide you with a friendly, supportive team on the BFC that works closely together to strive to provide the best Star Trek community experience on the internet. If this is right up your market, please apply or contact me via Discord.