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Task Force 93 January 2022 Report

March 2, 2022

News from TF93

As many of you already know, the Task Force has seen some changes in personnel recently. Fleet Captain Azras Dex (aka Leah) stepped down from her longtime role as the Task Force Commander this past December. I wanted to take a moment to thank her for all she has done, and continues to do, for Task Force 93. Earlier this month, I returned to Task Force 93 after a considerable stint away in Task Force 72 to take over for Leah, and am looking forward to helping the Task Force continue to grow as the Fleet does. Alongside myself, Commander Vakai (aka JShep) was asked to step into the role of the Task Force Executive Officer. Unlike myself, he has been in Task Force 93 for some time and I am happy to work alongside one of our veteran members.

Placing that aside, I would like to highlight the player-run fictions that have been active during the past month.

Last Time in Task Force 93…

Both the USS Centaur and the USS Saratoga have freshly returned from missions, taking on new crew and dealing with the aftermath of their adventures. Both stories have had several updates throughout the month and each of them is a good read should you have the chance. My own USS Hydra has been out and about in the Alpha Quadrant as well (just a shameless little plug).

Awards Quarters

As we come out of the holiday season, there hasn’t been as much activity as far as awards go, unless you count Duty and Service Ribbons (if so then the Task Force has done quite well). We did, however, have several folks promoted this month, and they are as follows;

Edred Price was promoted to Ensign
Ta’set was promoted to Ensign
Elisha Macomb was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

I want to once again congratulate our recent promotees, and I continue to look forward to their contributions to the Bravo Fleet community.

The Way Ahead

In the next week, Bravo Fleet will be ramping up for the next Fleet-wide Campaign, Stormbreaker. As Task Force 93 has always been the Humanitarian arm of the Fourth Fleet, I am excited to see how our members will respond to the call for aid as the Campaign kicks off.