USS Hydra (NCC-91251)

The USS Hydra is a vessel assigned to the Federation/Cardassian Border to combat the rise in pirate activity and criminal endeavors that have sprung up during the period of contention between the two governments.

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commanding Officer
ID: 73
Executive Officer
ID: 73
Chief Operations Officer
ID: 73
Chief Engineer
ID: 73
Chief Medical Officer
ID: 73
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
ID: 73

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13 January 2022

Omissions of Guilt

USS Hydra: Making Our Presence Felt

Captain Jonathan Bastin sat behind the desk that was, nominally, his when he was on Empok Nor. The Federation had been given a series of suites along one section of the Habitat Ring on the station for use for administering their affairs during their stay. The man seated in front of him was the one [...]

8 January 2022

Debriefs and Social Preparations

USS Hydra: Making Our Presence Felt

Captain Jonathan Bastin and Commander Rena Yuri sat across from one another in the Captain’s ready room. He’d just returned from the station after a conversation with Legate Aren and he had expressed a desire to fill his First Officer in on the details of said exchange. Yuri, for her part, had [...]

27 December 2021

Shock and Awe

USS Hydra: Making Our Presence Felt

Nestled in relative safety on the edges of the Amneth Nebula, an asteroid mining station turned pirate haven floated along in the void as it had for many decades since it was taken over. Its denizens carried out their daily lives, highlighted by the rampant hedonism and violence that were almost [...]

21 December 2021

Jumping at Shadows...?

USS Hydra: Making Our Presence Felt

Captain’s Log, Supplemental. Our small task force will be entering the area near the Amneth Nebula where the pirates we’ve been sent to remove are located within the next few hours. There is, however, something that has been on my mind the last few months that I can’t help but point out. The [...]