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Task Force 93 Competition Results

April 12, 2022

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you all for participating in the latest TF93 Competitions. I will be submitting more competitions later down the road as a trial run with various competitions being easy to being hard. Basically for those who just want to sit back and have fun to those who like a challenge and to put their skills to the test. Sadly, that is not something I did with the latest Jigsaw puzzle that only had two submissions within the time frame that was given. I was looking forward to more, especially from other members in the Fleet but we simply ran out of time. So for those who have tried, I do apologize on how difficult it was. I do, however, really appreciate it that you tried to do it and also really amazed by those who did complete it.

So I hope you are all looking forward to more competitions later down the road from me. I will even be working with others to try to balance it out better. However, without wasting any more of anyone’s time, here are the results for the latest Task Force 93 Competitions!


I absolutely had fun putting these together, do wish I had more than three competitions but I promise not to let that happen again. Thank you all for those who participated and congratulations to all who has placed!