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TF93 – Storms!


Recently the Fourth Fleet had to deal with a major storm outbreak in the Paulson Nebula. Starfleet would like to quiz everyone on the different types of storms that could also potentially endanger lives and require Starfleet assistance in that matter. So what we would like for you to do is to take the opportunity, whether it be you’re off duty or got some free time, to do some research on the different types of storms you could encounter.

Just open up this packet here when you get the chance.


  • Do not change any of the settings for this puzzle!
  • A screenshot must be submitted for all submissions, showing the timing you receive at the end. You will be judged on how quickly you complete the puzzle.
  • If these criteria are not met you will be disqualified.


User ID Date Entry
Elena Mitchell 2266 2022-04-07 03:34:57
Brodie Lewis 2208 2022-04-04 18:21:59
Th'lora Vehl 2240 2022-04-04 03:04:46
Imya Jori 10 2022-04-03 23:20:35
Andreus Kohl 2374 2022-04-03 20:49:55

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