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Task Force 93 – April Report

May 21, 2022

“Answering the Call”

Maxwell stood there before his chair on the bridge, with a PADD in one hand and a PADD in the other. One of them had the reports that had just come in. Though recent as they were, there were more yet to come. The situation was quite clear, as were their orders: the Verity was now en route towards Psi Velorum III, with all the supplies and equipment that the provisional government would need. The first of many would-be heading out to support the efforts of those who were calling out for help. Task Force 93’s mandate of providing relief efforts will be at the forefront of the action.

Rowe and Bates had stopped by his side to give their report.

Rowe was first. “All pilots are now on stand-by. Transporter rooms are prepped, and our Aquarius-class escort is good to go, Captain.”

Bates took his turn to give his report to the captain. “All defense and offense systems diagnostic checks have come clean. If anyone tries to pick a fight with us, they’ll regret it.”

Maxwell nodded with a heavy exhale. “Our primary mission is to help the provisional government with what they need. Defend if we have to. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to prepare separate orders for the task force. We need to provide as much assistance as we can to all the worlds in the Velorum Sector.” Maxwell headed for the ready room to brief his captains and inform Fourth Fleet Command that 93 would do their part.

Who knew what awaited them in the Velorum Sector?

Task Force 93 Updates

Hello everyone! Some of you have met me, and others have known me as the Task Force Executive Officer. Well, in case you missed it before the end of April, I am no longer your Task Force Executive Officer (TFXO), instead, I am now your Task Force Commanding Officer (TFCO)! Does that mean my former position is now available? It absolutely does! Just follow this link as it contains information on what other staffing positions are available around Bravo Fleet. So if there is a staffing position that you believe you can contribute to, whether you have experience or not, do not hesitate! You will not know the answer if you do not take that leap of faith!

One of the small updates that I would like to add is that while the Devron Fleet Yards is where Task Force 93 is located, our headquarters is mainly at the Unity-class station that we are now referring to as Starbase 93. This is just a small piece of information for those who wish to interact with anything in the Devron system, whether it is your ship leaving the dry docks of the Devron Fleet Yards or detaching from one of the pylons of Starbase 93.

Though the flagship of Task Force 93 will be more mobile, it will remain in friendly territory, of course, for obvious reasons. We will try to have it be open for any future stories of where your captain’s orders come from, or if your ship needs some quick resupply, they can get it from the Verity due to her size and configuration. So if you would like a small interaction with my character and your own, reach out to me, and I’d be happy to work with you on your story idea.

Fiction Updates

We do have some fiction updates to share with you all and I do hope this continues to grow as soon the FA starts. The latest update includes: 

  • USS Sovereign: The crew are pouring in! There are, of course, the old faces from their last assignment but then there are new faces! And those new faces are meeting the old, some getting off to a bad start at first, some getting a little too close for comfort, and some not very easy to talk to. Wonder how things will turn out when they have to live with each other for quite a while… Stay tuned, it is only going to get more interesting!
  • USS Achana: A couple of officers got to introduce themselves and have yet to arrive at their assignment. Unfortunately, poor Tallera is not going to get what she was hoping for but with a new friend, maybe it won’t be so bad when she finds out what ship she is assigned to.

Now with the upcoming FA, the Sundered Wings, I will certainly be very active during this event thus I hope the rest of Task Force 93 will do the same. So for those who have made it to Ensign and would like to write your own stories of your very own crew, please get with me as soon as possible and I guarantee to assist you every step of the way. If you need help on what to do for the FA, there are some ideas in the Sundered Wings briefing that will help. You are certainly welcome to put your own spin on it. So what are you waiting for? Go get that Raven-class and get out there!

Task Force Recognition

Working with the members of Task Force 93 has been both rewarding and exciting these past few months. I know that the path to achieving these goals may seem difficult for some and easy for others. Regardless, I would never stop giving tips or advice on what to do to achieve. So with that said, we would like to credit those that have worked hard and the efforts that they have done to achieve where they are so far. All of you have earned it, congratulations everyone!

Promotion to Lieutenant

Promotion to Ensign

Promotion to Cadet Senior Grade

Promotion to Cadet Junior Grade

Star for Distinguished Service

So I must now conclude this Task Force Operational Report with one last thing. I do believe the Sundered Wings Fleet Action is going to be a soaring thrill. The stories that have come, the stepping stones towards the very moment where the Fourth Fleet will be involved, have been very exciting to read. A lot has changed since my first Fleet Action last year, where I did not have a ship to start with but still participated in my own way. Now a lot of you have the option and opportunity to have your ship and crew involved in such an incredible event. While I prepare myself for my own work, I look forward to all the stories that will be published during this event. So I do hope you are all as excited as I am!