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Task Force 86 Report #4

November 17, 2022

Greetings and Salutations! It’s time to give some updates here at the home of the Golden Trident! I am happy with the participation we have seen and cannot wait to see what the next few months have in store for us. As we are halfway through the Blood Dilithium Campaign, I love seeing the huge amounts of activity!

Now as the Joker would say:

YARN | And here we go. | Batman: The Dark Knight (2008 ...

Task Force Updates

The biggest update I have is the newest addition to the task force and that’s our new XO, Lieutenant Commander Ryoko Takato, who has been a huge help to the task force in a short amount of time! I am thankful for his assistance and cannot wait to see what he does as he continues to ascend the ladder. I also want to thank Captain London Mailik for his long service as TF86XO and wish him the best in his new role as TF72XO.

Fiction Updates

  • USS Liris: Arriving at Markonian Outpost, Commander Sh’ill received his orders from Captain Takato to head towards Droth 2V5 and investigate the growth of blood dilithium on the planet’s surface. The crew manages to get their hands on an updated map of the region and other supplies getting their preparations ready for their journey.
  •  USS Damascus: Limping back at a low speed of warp 4, the USS Damascus survived their encounter with the Blood Crystalline Entity and managed to release it from the grip of the Devore master. The survivors of the transport vessel, used as bait, were rescued by the Damascus and are now trying to get out of Devore Imperium’s newly expanded space.
  • USS Sovereign: En route to investigate a claimed illegal Orion Syndicate operation. And the Orions hurrying their operation to be gone before Starfleet arrives. The Sovereign gets intercepted by six Hirogen ships to are ready to hunt their prey!
  • USS Neptune: Shore leave cut short and new ideas are the ideas as the Neptune warps towards the Delta Quadrant with orders to help in the blood dilithium phenomena. With a senior crew and a ship armed to the teeth, the calm is always before the storm.

Task Force Recognition




That is all from the office of the Golden Trident. We have a few more weeks left of the Blood Dilithium Campaign so lets finish it off strong! That being said I am thankful for everything the Task Force has done and I am excited to see what’s to come! With that being said I hand the mantle to Task Force 93 for their upcoming report.