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Task Force 72 August 2022 Report

September 19, 2022

First off, let me begin this report by thanking everyone who took part in the competitions hosted by Task Force 72 this past week. The general consensus seemed to be that everyone liked the puzzles and games that we put forth. There were even a few that thought puzzles couldn’t get any more difficult until Lieutenant Evelyn Sommers one-upped TF93’s CO Captain Henry Maxwell by adding rotating puzzle pieces to the mix. All-in-all, I think it was a great week and I would like to congratulate all of the winners.

I would also like to take a moment to welcome two new Raven-class ships to the 72 roster. Lieutenant Kachiko Bayushi and Ensign Ravenwolf have each selected USS Sitacus and USS Galaesus respectively as their ships of choice. 

Competition Winners

TF72: A New Threat Emerges

TF72: Shenanigans in the Bar

TF72: Fighting Farmers

TF72: Refugee Resettlement

TF72: Derelict Decryption

TF72: The Engineers

TF72: Searching For Yeomen

Fiction Updates

USS Heracles – After the orders from Starfleet to aid in the coup that was led by the Remans, and some Romulans in the Velorum sector and more specifically the Proteus System; USS Heracles and her crew have been ordered to return to the SOL sector and Earth for repairs and refits, giving time for the crew to recuperate from their last mission. While on much-needed R&R, Vausees and Debrah finally tie the knot in Debrah’s hometown of Boulder Colorado.

USS Nestus – When David discovered evidence of Isolytic experiments deep in disputed space, the crew of the Nestus were instructed to go into hostile territory and ensure that these dangerous and illegal subspace weapons are destroyed. These weapons cannot be allowed to exist, by any means possible.

USS North Sea – While on Starbase 11, Cadet Rey Ford faces a court-martial after a mutiny aboard the USS Xenius. Though their duty is clear, her friends, loved ones and even those she put in harm’s way have mixed feelings concerning the trial.

USS Sitacus – Following a covert operation on Andoria, Commander Bayushi prepares to take command of Sitacus with her daughter as the ship’s Medical officer.

USS Ulysses – Independent factions are popping up throughout the area of space formerly occupied by the Star Empire, and it’s up to the Task Force to open up diplomatic channels with these new groups.

Personal issues threaten to overwhelm a member of the crew when the command team receive word that a Starfleet officer has been killed aboard a prisoner transport by an escaped convict; A convict who just so happens to be the older brother of Lieutenant Prida. With the ship scheduled to join up with the rest of the Task Force for a special mission behind Romulan lines, Captain sh’Elas defies orders and takes Ulysses on the hunt…

Task Force Recognition

Congratulations to the following members for their promotions during August!

Promotion to Cadet Sophmore Grade

Promotion to Lieutenant

Promotion to Lieutenant Commander

Promotion to Commander


With the conclusion of this week’s competitions, I hereby pass the torch off to Task Force 47 and look forward to the shenanigans they’ve come up with for the week.