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USS Sitacus: Cold as Ice

An Intelligence Investigation on Andoria

Mission Description

Commander Bayushi Kachiko, Starfleet Intelligence and Ensign Bayushi Reiko, Medical Doctor are dispatched aboard the USS Sitacus to investigate the theft of Starfleet equipment and weapons. The Commanders background in capital asset recovery aids in her investigation with her daughter aiding her mother from the Sitacus.

About the Mission

In Progress
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Start Date

13 June 2023

Rules of Attraction

USS Sitacus: Cold as Ice

The hatch to the dining room turned briefing room opened and a stunned looking Andorian Captain stepped out, pretty swiftly followed by the very pale and white haired Commander. “I had no idea such treachery was taking place under my watch,” Captain Saro Sh’iqaalran breathed out, once the [...]

29 September 2022

Welcome Aboard!

USS Sitacus: Cold as Ice

“Rita!” Reiko squealed, the young physicians arms wrapping around the much taller Hispanic woman’s neck after Rita and Kachiko rematerialized on the transporter pad. Rita grinned and returned the physical gesture, “I missed you too, Ensign!” With those words, Reiko reluctantly [...]

21 September 2022

A Surprise Indeed

USS Sitacus: Cold as Ice

Kachiko had noted that her proximity sensors AND movement sensors were warning her that there was someone inside of the munitions depot with the quantum torpedoes. Connecting remotely to the Depots security computer,she accessed internal surveillance cameras just in time to see someone’s back [...]

19 September 2022

Return of the Green People Eater

USS Sitacus: Cold as Ice

Kachiko yawned before sitting up in her bunk, once again grieving that she was not awakening next to her wife. She was certainly having trouble adapting to life as a widow, though the petite telepath was certain that had Reiko met Captain Saro Sh’iqaalran and sensed the woman’s lecherous [...]