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Task Force 17 Report #5

November 26, 2022

Hello and welcome to Task Force 17’s report on all that’s happened in this rockety ruckus of rowdy rebels. A continued big shout out to all those participating in the Blood Dilithium campaign! It’s an immense source of pride for the whole Task Force to be heading it all up, but it’s all of you who have been keeping it rolling. Some truly ambitious efforts out there in both scope and creativity have been nothing short of inspirational.

Task Force Updates

Task Force 17 continues to be a hub for Bravo Fleet activity of every description. We’ve had a very healthy offering of competitions going out at the beginning of the Blood Dilithium campaign, plenty of promotions, and a good amount of gaming activity too! Along with the currently ongoing campaign, since our last report way back in July 17 has seen action in Operation: Back to Basics. I’m very happy to say that there has been no lack of energy coming out of the Deep Space Task Force. Members have come and gone, and some notable amongst our ranks have moved onto better things, taking up staff positions elsewhere in the fleet. All I can say is that their new home Task Forces are lucky to have them! It is to my extreme good fortune that Brendan still remains as our ever-vigilant, stalwart TFXO.

Fiction Updates 

As the Task Force in the spotlight right now, 17 has well and truly stepped up to the mark with all the relentless fiction output we’ve seen over the preceding months. Here’s a taster of what our starships have been up to on their voyages throughout the Bravo Fleet universe:

  • Commander Kevin Benedict Walker of the USS Kison grieves the loss of Engineering officer Demo during an altercation with a violent Romulan faction.

  • The USS Issedon is dispatched to the Delta Quadrant as part of the Fourth Fleet’s mission to understand more about the Blood Dilithium phenomenon. The ship receives a distress call from uncharted planet SX-596. Planetside, the ship’s Executive Officer Ben Johnson, is swallowed by a giant, telepathic plant. Tactical Officer Maggie LeFebvre soon meets the same fate, only to find herself trapped in an underground structure with Johnson, face to face with a Devore officer.

  • Under the influence of Blood Dilithium, Captain Taes is relieved of duty as the USS Sarek’s saucer and stardrive sections pursue separate missions. Lieutenant Kellin Rayco commands the saucer section as it orbits Burleigh IV alongside the USS Palm Springs. He is soon betrayed by Romulan Chief Science Officer Flavia, seconded to the mission from the Romulan   Aboard the stardrive section, unhinged Assistant Chief Science Officer Sootrah Yuulik hastily injects herself with a epigenetic solution of her own design with the aim of communing with the Blood Dilithium.

  • The USS Ulysses successfully breaks free from Devore control. 600 detained crew are rescued from detention on Haess IV. Tailed by a Hirogen hunting party, the ship travels to the Markonian Outpost for repair and resupply. Captain sh’Elas ponders the fate of the 300 crew who remain imprisoned. The Ulysses soon takes refuge in a mutara-class nebula, while Devore Inspector Kravik looks on with mirth as the ship comes under Hirogen attack.

  • While investigating Blood Dilithium growing on a rogue planet, Captain Felrak Vordenna of the USS Ahwahnee tumbles through an out-of-body vision. He bears witness to the abuse of Brenari internment camp prisoners at the hands of their Devore oppressors.


Task Force Recognition  

A terrific showing in this award season again for the 17! Well done to all of you who have earned new medals and badges and all sorts of shiny accolades over the last few months. The Task Force medal chest grows ever larger thanks to the following:  

 Star for Distinguished Service

 Starfleet Medal of Commendation

Fiction Writing Program Badge

Character Creation Program Badge

New Member Program Badge



Promotion to Cadet Sophomore Grade 

Promotion to Cadet Junior Grade

Promotion to Cadet Senior Grade

Promotion to Ensign

Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade

Promotion to Lieutenant

 Promotion to Lieutenant Commander

 Promotion to Captain



Wow! What a jam-packed autumn this has been. A final congratulations and big well done for all of you who made the honours list. It’s especially encouraging for me to see a few names that have popped up with quite some regularity. You’re really helping us weave the fabric of this community through your engagement with all the things that make Bravo Fleet unquestionably the best place to be on the internet. Long may it continue TF17, and let’s give our campaign a great big heave-ho through the end!