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Task Force 17 Competitions

April 10, 2021

Some of you may have noticed that today we launched the next set of competitions, this time hosted by Task Force 17. We hope you enjoy these ones! All of them are running for one week (10th April to 17th April 2021). The theme of the competitions are based around TF17’s mandate to explore deep space. So enjoy!

Through The Gateway

A favourite in BF, can you complete the jigsaw puzzle showing our favourite wormhole and station that leads us to the Gamma Quadrant?

Gamma Quadrant Hangman

A first, I think, for Bravo Fleet! Hangman and we are continuing with the theme linked to the Gamma Quadrant! Can you work out these species from the GQ?

Delta Quadrant Race Quiz

And can you remember the difference between all of those amazing races that Voyager encountered in its seven year journey home? Let’s hope so!