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Stormbreaker: Week 3 Fiction Update

February 27, 2022

It’s that time again! And here we are, at the end of Week 3 and thus halfway through the Stormbreaker Campaign!

Week 3 (19th – 25th February)

Bravo Fleet Command

USS Endeavour

Endeavour’s away team boards the USS Odysseus, trapped to contain the subspace rift that threatens the whole of Whixby. There they find a ship shattered in space-time, experiencing months or years over the mere days of the ship’s predicament. Commander Cortez manages to bring the Odysseus back into enough relative temporal alignment so a team can make it to Engineering and fix the problem. On the way, they rescue Commander Airex, who seems to have been trapped below perhaps for years – but are attacked by the Odysseus’s XO Templeton, driven mad by his isolation over this interminable period. Meanwhile, the diplomatic team on Whixby struggles to convince the Betazoid nobility to render any help to the refugees of the Paulson Nebula.

USS Odyssey

Displaced through time, Captain McCallister and Commander Jen are charged with a unique mission: to join forces with the future crew of the USS Odyssey and conduct missions spanning the ship’s whole history to recruit allies and bring the timeline back into order. Both Captain McCallister of 2400 and Vice Admiral Max Duncan of decades in the future find themselves face-to-face with late friends and family as they are cast back through the Odyssey’s history, forced to put their feelings – or any urge to issue warnings – aside as they recruit help. Meanwhile, in normal space, Commander Reyas attempts to save the Odyssey – only for her effort to go horribly wrong, Reyas forced to order the crew of the Telemachus to abandon ship, and flying it, and the Odyssey’s warp core, into the subspace rift that started it all in a last-ditch effort to bring everything to an end.


Task Force 17

USS Atlantis

Following up on what limited information that they have, Lieutenant Gantzmann leads a rescue force composed of Atlantis security, Highcroft Police and Rangers to rescue the captured Atlantis crew. With the threats neutralised and in custody, Captain Theodoras and Lieutenant Maxwell are returned to the ship where Tikva and Adelinde have a heart to heart as Atlantis makes its way back to Stormlea for more parts, unaware of the increased threat just yet.

USS Neptune

As Neptune arrives at Uneta Prime, they discover ships they weren’t expecting waiting for them. Initial scans place the crew aboard as from Earth’s ancient Mediterranean. Opting for caution, Captain Ryder decides to go to Yellow Alert and back off a touch to reassess the situation. Meanwhile mysterious forces continue to manoeuvre the Roman forces on Uneta for their own gain, their plan progressing.

SS Vondem Rose

Having taken the station and kidnapped The Last Pirate King, Captain Sidda makes a deal with his chief lieutenant to leave him in charge if he hands over an appropriate payment. Taking prisoners as well of every slaver aboard the station, the crew take their prize, the Star of Galur, as well as a few other trinkets before departing. Their agreement lasted about as long as it took for al-Jabir to get on an open comm and the Rose departs Royal Station for the storm in an attempt to lose their pursuers, making it as far as another planet in the system to rest before being rudely interrupted.

USS Santa Fe

An away team led by Commander sh’Elas arrives at the Santhea science station to begin evacuation. While initially resistant, the station administrator seemingly agrees to begin packing to leave. Using the time available however, forces already at Santhea bring a jammer online, preventing the away team from communicating their findings as a force of klingons take the away team hostage as the administrator warns them they had tried to tell them to stay away.


Task Force 86

USS Challenger

Captain Thomas Forrester returns home. Welcomed with open arms by his mother and brother, George, he’s treated to a hearty home cooked meal. His father is less than pleased to see him, resenting his son for joining Starfleet and abandoning the traditional way of life on Coronal. Stubbornly, his father insists that he would rather set up a shield generator himself, rather than let Starfleet personnel enter his farm premises to do so. After explaining his feelings to his father, Forrester returns to the Coronal’s capital city. 

USS Crazy Horse 

Acting Captain Erin Hayden and the crew of the Crazy Horse race to evacuate the last 5,000 colonists of Galina Prime. The ship reaches the colony before the storm hits, but without enough time to beam out every colonist, they must find a way to establish emergency shelters. Hayden elects to remain on the planet’s surface in solidarity with the colonists left behind, but will the shelters be enough to protect them from the storm? 

Starbase 86

A steady stream of displaced colonists and Federation citizens from all walks of life has begun to arrive at Starbase 86. After a fraught, claustrophobic journey, a woman holds her baby amongst a crowd disembarking a docked starship. She is provided aid by personnel on duty at Starbase 86 and shown to her temporary accommodation as she laments the loss of her home. 


Task Force 93

USS Centaur

The Away Teams from the Centaur have begun their separate paths on board the vessel that they discovered was called the Hercules. Both away teams encountered trouble along the way but both were able to handle the situation without any loss. The teams met with the crew of the Hercules and began to discuss certain events.

The Away Teams were finally able to establish communication between the Hercules and the Centaur where James Ryker began to explain the situation to Commander Vakai. Now all that is left is to assist in repairing the Hercules and send them back through the subspace rift, back to their universe, and close that rift to help reduce the effects of the storm in the nebula.