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STO Competitions Active

February 5, 2021

Hello all. Boy, gaming’s sure loud lately, huh?

Just a reminder that we have two active competitions ongoing until the 25th of February for Star Trek Online, and we would like to see entries for the same.

In the STO Klingon Recruitment Challenge, the goal of this one is to take a Klingon character and play this one up! You can get awards for doing many different actions, solo or as part of a team, with a KDF aligned character. This is a great way to participate in the Klingon Recruitment group, either as a veteran with a new character, a returning player just looking to get back in, or as a way to start with Star Trek Online. The bonuses that come with being a recruit during this event are also pretty excellent and useful to a player of varying skills. The best thing? You could win this one just by playing the game and getting some screenshots at the end of certain actions!

The other competition, the STO Character Biographies, is a little different. Unlike the one above, this focuses on the writing aspect of Bravo Fleet, where the roots of this fleet are. Creating a character for Star Trek Online is easy; thinking about their background and their history is quite another. How would your character fit into the world of 2411? Where did they come from? As the entry requirements for Starfleet were relaxed due to war demands in 2408, is your character the best and the brightest, or are they hiding a deep, dark and troubled past? Does your character have honor, or are they destined for Gre’thor without a change of pace?

And hey, if you don’t want to join up with this, maybe you can wait for the Archanis Campaign.

See you in game, or around Discord.