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The Archanis Campaign – Coming Soon!

January 18, 2021

If anyone’s paid closer attention to the Lore Office’s announcements than they really should, you might have picked up my Subtle Hints of something in the works. This Something has been stewing since I became Loremaster, and with the wiki released, our first competitions completed, and the festive season behind us, it’s time to pull back the curtain on our next project: Fleet Campaigns.

These are writing and role-play events, run by the Lore Office and held on the forums. Lasting a few months, they will focus on a critical event in Bravo Fleet canon with which all members may engage. Through writing your own stories about the adventures of your ship or team, or joining others in roleplay, you can influence a Fleet-wide narrative.

You don’t have to put your other writing on hold for months to make your contribution. It could be one short tale of your ship or team responding to a situation. Or you could get stuck into role-play with a group of other members. Or you can really commit and tell a whole story across multiple missions! What you write will be taken by the Lore Office and impact what happens next.

We provide the scenario. You shape the events.

Introducing: The Archanis Campaign



Commander Ackhurst watched as the report on his PADD kept scrolling. And scrolling, and scrolling. He cleared his throat, but his voice still came out faint. ‘How many casualties?’

‘Tusom IV has yet to confirm,’ came his Vulcan XO’s level response. ‘Estimations suggest it may be as high as one hundred and fifty deaths. This does not include the loss of life elsewhere in the system.’

Ackhurst tossed the report onto his desk and leaned back to rub his temples. ‘Four Birds-of-Prey. Bombarding the surface, beaming down to kill people, taking anything. Out of nowhere.’ He’d served in the Archanis Sector for ten years, and only known it as a sleepy border with the allied Klingon Empire. Now the world below had been devastated. ‘Did some pirates pick up new ships? Even the worst Mo’Kai reports don’t include slaughtering civilians like this.’

‘We’ve been informed a nav buoy at the system’s edge intercepted a transmission. Interference from the Tusom Belt prevented anyone else from receiving it. The attackers did identify themselves.’

Ackhurst opened his eyes to stare at his XO. ‘You should lead with that next time.’

Lieutenant Commander T’Von gave him an inscrutable look. ‘You requested a casualty and damage report.’

‘Yes, but – just go on.’

‘We have limited information on the ships themselves,’ said T’Von, apparently committed to burying the lede. ‘But they spoke of fighting for the glory of someone named Kuskir, of whom we have no records.’

‘That’s not much -’

‘And identified themselves as Hunters of D’Ghor.’

Ackhurst drew a slow, tense breath. ‘They don’t attack in forces this large. This far from their usual territory. But with that trade convoy going dark two days ago…’ He looked around the ready room of his small, unassuming California-class ship. ‘I think Starfleet better send help.’

The Hunters of D’Ghor have attacked the Archanis Sector. Renegade Klingons who consider everyone potential prey, Imperial or Federation alike, this unprecedented aggression has thrown the border sector into chaos. Colony worlds have been raided for resources, transports attacked, border defence platforms destroyed. And there is no sign of stopping.

The local Task Group is outmatched by this new threat. The Klingon Empire too stretched in resources to send aid. So Starfleet has dispatched starships of the Fourth Fleet to end the crisis.

Stricken worlds need relief. Colonies need protection. Border defence needs rebuilding. Convoys need escorting. And the Hunters need hunting.

Coming February 13th, 2021