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Star Trek Online for the past year has been running the Year of the Klingon, where they have revamped the entire Klingon starting content. If you have not given it a try, we definitely suggest doing so: it’s great and you get to shoot at Geordi!

As the end of the Year of the Klingon draws to a close, STO is running a recruitment event to take advantage of this Klingon content, featuring a new ship, ground gear and other goodies exclusive to this area. At the Gaming Office of Bravo Fleet, we like this and would love to participate too! How can we do this to honor (heh) the group and STO at the same time? We focus on the one neglected feature in STO that no one ever thinks of: the character biography.

Star Trek Online has a character biography screen – I know, big shock – and it is one of the most underutilized features of the entire game. All you do is hit the Edit Record button and off you go! So let’s do this. Let’s create a backstory for your character and put it in the game and in the BFMS.


  • Write up and submit a biography for one of your Star Trek Online characters in the BFMS
  • You can write your biography as any faction, but the character has to be part of the Bravo Fleet groups
  • Include a screenshot of the bio being applied to your character's record in game - right click on your character on a ground map and select Info
  • As the ranks for STO are generally higher than the ones available in the BFMS, for now please use a Captain rank and make them a Cameo person
  • Special consideration will be given to non-Federation characters created at this time, including Discovery era Klingons - hey, they're challenging to write and it's a Klingon recruitment event


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