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Star Trek Day – Competition Time!

September 9, 2023

Hello Bravo Fleet!

To continue from Cap’s message of celebrating Star Trek Day, the Operations Office is launching several competitions to celebrate it for you all to enter. These have been sitting in the OCS area for a few weeks now, teasing some of you to ask me what have we prepared for you – well here is the big reveal!

Some of the competitions are challenging, some are easy, and most of all, they are for a bit of fun! Each one comes with its own unique theme based on one of the televised Trek crews!

To start us off, we are visiting Those Old Scientists, the original 1701 crew with a puzzle! Then those pesky Borg have scrambled up things for the The Next Generation lot in a word scramble! Followed by a visit to our favourite space station, Deep Space Nine, for some hangman! We move on to those explorers who love to get lost over 70,000 light years away on Voyager with a crossword. Another puzzle comes into play to celebrate those who did everything first in a warp five ship; Captain Archer and crew need you! Next, we test you with your knowledge about the Discovery’s crew in a word search.  Returning to the spotlight are the TNG gang, along with those who joined JL in Picard for a spot the difference challenge! Our penultimate competition involves you making your own avatar to join those loveable Lower Decks lot, and we finish off with a sliding puzzle as we go into deep space with the Prodigy peeps!

These competitions run from 9th September to 16th September – so get your entries in, and we hope you have some fun!