Star Trek Day: Deep Space Nine – Hangman


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was known as the Trek series that had many reoccurring characters. Can you work out the names of some of these characters who visited or lived the station via a game of Hangman?


  • Play Hangman, but be careful as you only have 5 lives to work out the names of each character. Be aware the name could include both first and surnames for the characters.
  • Submit a screenshot of your overall score
  • Winners will be picked on score first, followed by date/time of submission.


User ID Date Entry
Andreus Kohl 2374 2023-09-15 20:36:01
Edward O'Gallagher 2688 2023-09-14 23:57:30
Complis Libran 2216 2023-09-14 19:07:20
Keziah Nazir 18 2023-09-12 15:15:04
Reva Sarrik 2185 2023-09-09 21:54:57
Jabir Tior 2717 2023-09-09 11:30:38

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