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New Task Force Executive Officers!

June 26, 2023

It has only been a few days since we announced some staff changes, and after sharing the application form, we had a great response. A huge thank you to those of you who applied; it was difficult to choose as we didn’t have enough space for everyone. Nevertheless, a final decision has been made, and I am happy to welcome to the Operations Office and Bravo Fleet Command the following members.

Task Force 17 Executive Officer

Stepping up to the mantle for our deep space explorers is Commander Deneva de Sousa, aka TheZ! As someone who has shown great enthusiasm of late, we are certain that together Kai and TheZ will make a great team for Task Force 17! Good luck to you both!

Task Force 47 Executive Officer

Transferring over and joining Starbuck with our Pathfinders will be Fleet Admiral Allison Reyes (also known as JonM). Jon has shown over the Fleet Action his excitement for so much that we can definitely see him and Starbuck creating an excellent partnership in leading Task Force 47 further together. Well done!

In the coming days, both of our new TFXOs will create new BFC-based characters and will be learning about the various processes that make our work so worthwhile. Congratulations again, and we wish them all the success in their new positions!