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Staff Updates for Intelligence and Operations Offices

June 21, 2023

It is with great pleasure that Admiral Alexander Beckett and I get to make this joint announcement about changes to the Intelligence and Operations Offices.

New Deputy Intelligence Officer

First off, the Intelligence Office. We are pleased to announce that Fleet Captain Alexandra Sudari-Kravchik (aka McGig) is being appointed as Bravo Fleet’s new Deputy Intelligence Officer. It is clear from his story writing, contributions in leading on the BF Wiki as well as his time as Task Force Commanding Officer (for both 17 and 47) that he is more than suitable to take on this job and do it so well. McGig is a force to be reckoned with and is, without a doubt, someone with many creative talents and skills that will only contribute further to the storytelling aspects of our club. Congratulations McGig!

New Task Force Commanding Officers

Moving to the Operations Office, and with McGig’s elevation as well as Brendan’s to Academy Commandant, it has left us with a couple of spaces to fill.

Assuming the Task Force 17 Commanding Officer’s mantle will be Captain Romaes Anjin (aka Kai) and taking on the role of Task Force 47 Commanding Officer will be Lieutenant Commander Taavik (aka Starbuck). Both have shown a great understanding of these roles while they were their respective Task Force Executive Officers and are more than ready to fit into the big shoes left by both Brendan and McGig. We wish them all the best in their new roles.

New Task Force Executive Officers Needed

We are now looking to fill the roles of Task Force Executive Officer for 17 and 47 now.

Those who are interested, please apply here. You have until now and Saturday, 1st July 2023, to apply for these roles; however, if we find suitable candidates before the deadline, we may appoint them early. We hope to announce who the new Task Force Executive Officers are soon.

When applying, it is crucial that you understand what it means to be a Task Force Executive Officer. Task Force Executive Officers are the deputy leaders of the five Task Forces. They share the responsibility for developing a sense of camaraderie in their units, organising competitions, and helping members navigate the rank system by nominating the appropriate OCS rewards for their activity. They are also members of Bravo Fleet Command, where they have a voice in the overall direction of the fleet. Subordinate to the Bravo Fleet Operations Officer, they work in partnership with their TFCOs to ensure consistent opportunities for members to get involved across the fleet. TFXOs must also be exemplars of activity by demonstrating at least moderately strong activity levels and participating conscientiously on Discord. Generally speaking, a member should be at least a Lieutenant Commander to apply to this position, demonstrating familiarity with Bravo Fleet. Previous staff experience is not required. It would be wise for you to familiarise yourself with the Operations Office Policy to understand the full range of expectations.

We are looking for candidates who have the time to take on these roles; they will be the type of people who want to give back to our community and ensure our members have a great time. In return, we can provide you with training and support to understand your new role. We can provide you with a friendly, supportive team on the BFC that works closely together to strive to provide the best Star Trek community experience on the internet. If this is right up your market, please apply or contact me via Discord.