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Blood Dilithium Campaign Briefing

October 15, 2022

A mere two weeks remain before the beginning of the Blood Dilithium Campaign. A massive subspace wave pulse has swept across the Delta Quadrant’s Gradin Belt. Near spatial anomalies, blood-red dilithium grows at an inexplicable pace. It falls upon the Fourth Fleet to investigate this phenomenon, and its unsettling effect on telepaths.


They Sent Us Here


Many of you have started planning your stories already, and that’s great! We’ve even fielded a few questions about the nature of Blood Dilithium, and what exactly we’ll all be getting up to in the Fourth Fleet’s most remote theatre of operations. To further paint our picture of what’s to come, check out this briefing document we wrote detailing the timeline of events, the whos whats and wheres, and of course some writing prompts. No doubt you might have some further questions about all this extra information; feel free to direct them towards the Intel Office. Do remember, though, that within the briefing document framework you’re very much free to tell the story you want!

Through the magic of Member Canon, you might wish to grow Blood Dilithium on a pre-warp civilisation’s homeworld. A sentient subspace anomaly could be vomiting the creepy red crystals after a bout of planetary indigestion. An entire star system of telepaths might be reduced to bizarre behaviour by the Blood Dilithium’s effects. Go ahead and write about it! There’s plenty of flexibility and space is BIG.

Task Force 17 is positively tingling in anticipation of the weird and wonderful places, plots and people you’ll be imagining over the coming weeks. Let the planning begin in earnest!