New Join Process & BFMS Updates

May 26, 2020

Over the past few weeks, our staff has been working hard to streamline every facet of our new model. We’ve made significant adjustments to our awards system, we’ve added more options for writing activities, and we’re expanding support for video game achievements. On top of all this, we’re also cleaning up BFMS, the platform that supports all of our activities, to make it easier for members to use.

Join Process

We recently updated our join process to help new members create their first character while setting up an account. The new process will automatically assign you to one of our Task Forces so you can start participating in activities immediately after you join! You can always adjust your primary character once you’ve finished creating your account! If you already have an account, please do not create a new one!

The new join process will:

  • Help you create a primary character
  • Assign you to one of our four member Task Forces (25, 38, 72, 93)
  • Give you the starting rank of Cadet Freshman Grade (don’t worry, you can rank up quickly by participating in our community!)

If you have an account but you don’t have a character yet, our Communications Office put together this helpful video guide on a creating character in BFMS! You’ll need a character linked to your account before you can participate in any of our activities.


We’ve also created a new page for our competitions, which is now linked above each member’s menu bar as the trophy icon. You’ll now see all of our active and inactive competitions, along with our competition rules and a contact email for questions. When you click on an active competition, you’ll now find the competition’s judge, the end date, and a button leading your directly to a submission form.

A quick reminder that Raptor’s Wings: Phase III is still in progress! You have until Saturday, May 30, 2020 to enter one of the event’s competitions! We’ve had a couple of questions about this recently, so I’d like to reiterate that we cannot help you with competition submissions. You still have 4 days to work on your entries, but even if you can’t finish everything you should still submit what you have! You’ll get credit for participating and it will help your Task Force!

All of these updates are part of a larger clean up of BFMS. We’re working to integrate parts of the dashboard with our front-end to make it easier for members to participate in activities. We’ve already made some significant updates to our theme, and you’ll notice more changes in the coming weeks (including better support for mobile devices)!

As always, if you notice any bugs or run into an issue with BFMS, please contact our admin team (