Communications Office

Communications Office

The Bravo Fleet Communications Office is responsible for maintaining and developing Bravo Fleet’s communications mediums, recruitment, and supporting fleet’s outreach. These generally fall under two divisions: Recruitment and Social Media. The Bravo Fleet Communications Officer serves as a senior official on the Bravo Fleet Admiralty and advises the command staff on communications, marketing, and community relations.


Using all that is available to the Fleet, the Communications Office coordinates overall recruitment for the Fleet as a whole and is available to advise individual game managers on their own recruitment efforts. Recruitment takes place over a variety of mediums including, but not limited to, social media, reddit, discord, and of course word of mouth. The Communications Office can serve as graphic designer, copywriter, and ad manager for organic and paid advertisements across all current and future platforms.

Social Media

Currently, Bravo Fleet operates two official social media accounts: Facebook and Twitter. We have a Reddit account, which we use to interact with the larger Star Trek Reddit community. We also operate a Discord Server which we use to communicate fleet-wide information, encourage community discussion about Trek and non-trek topics, develop our shared canon, Task Force communication, and administer the Fleet as a whole. You can join our discord server here: