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Raptor’s Wings: Phase III

May 22, 2020

This will be relatively short as I’ve spoken about this on Discord quite a bit, but the fleet has been really engaging in this Fleet Action and these competitions. The feedback has been phenomenal. I am so happy with the participation we’ve been having. I will reiterate some things I said after Phase I, as I think they’re still valid:

  • The number of entries completely blew the BFA out of the water, based on the expectations we originally had. We almost doubled what we had expected. Keep. That. Up!
  • The overall scores for individuals are really, really tight. There are people who are near the top that, if I had to guess, would never imagine they were that close to first place. It’s still the first of three weeks/phases, but holy smokes.
  • The overall scores for task forces have a little more separation, but as said: it is still Phase I. We’re about to enter Phase II. Literally, any task force could take home the bacon.
  • Even if you think you won’t place in a competition, you should still try to submit an entry. It doesn’t have to be the best entry ever; writing doesn’t have to be Shakespeare, and graphics don’t have to be a priceless van Gogh. Participation points mean a lot when it comes time to calculate an overall winner and a winning task force! In week 1, there was one competition that someone won first place by default by being the only participant. That means if two other people would’ve at least submitted a valid entry, they would have taken 2nd and 3rd in a Bravo Fleet wide Fleet Action competition that’ll only come around once or twice a year.

Phase II was even better than Phase I. We still have no one who has gone 7 out of 7 participating in any phase. As the BFA has figured out during my discussions with them that participating is everything. Just participating gets you 5 points right off the bat. The people who are at the top of the individual scoring right now are the highest percentage of people participating. It’s a tight race at the top, but it’s clear why they’re there. Placements have been all across the board with no one really sweeping it. I’ve tried to make Phase III, our third and final phase, pretty relaxed and hopefully just as fun as the other two phases have been. So without further delay!

Phase III

These competitions are active as of these posting, so get to it!

Also, at the end of this Phase, everything will be tallied and all standings will be announced! Good luck!