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It’s Competition Time!

January 3, 2022

Hello Bravo Fleet!

As promised as part of the Chief of Staff’s 2021 report, it was mentioned we would be starting some new competitions to get you all in the mood for 2022! This year we are hoping to bring a good variety of competitions to keep everyone entertained and engaged. We are very also very keen for our players to submit their own competitions for everyone to enjoy.

You may also remember that we now have our new tier system, so we are hoping to award more shiny medals to people’s dossiers. In case you missed the report, the tiers are set out in the following way:

  • Tier 1 competitions created and judged by the Bravo Fleet Senior Staff will be awarded with:
    • First Place: Action Medal with Galaxy Cluster
    • Second Place: Action Medal with Star Cluster
    • Third Place: Action Medal with Planet Cluster
  • Tier 2 competitions created and judged by members from Bravo Fleet Command will be awarded with:
    • First Place: Action Medal with Star Cluster
    • Second Place: Action Medal with Planet Cluster
    • Third Place: Action Medal with Moon Cluster
  • Tier 3 competitions created and judged by Bravo Fleet Members will be awarded with:
    • First Place: Action Medal with Planet Cluster
    • Second Place: Action Medal with Moon Cluster
    • Third Place: Action Medal with Comet Cluster

First Competitions for 2022

So here are our first set of competitions for 2022 that will run from today (3rd January 2022) to mid-way through the month (17th January 2022). The OCS have created and are judging these competitions, so we have a nice mix of Tier 1 competitions and Tier 3 competitions taking place. As stated earlier, we are striving to encourage new and original competitions, so we are trying out some new ones to see how they go down! We are also looking at getting feedback at a later stage.

Our first competitions are:

Changing Rooms (Graphics)

Tier: 1

Judged by: MJ

Ever fancied putting where your characters actually live on a day to day basis into some sort of reality? Well here is your chance! Enter Changing Rooms to create a floor plan and design what you think your character’s quarters would look like. Who has the fanciest quarters in Bravo Fleet?

The Frontline (Game)

Tier: 1

Judged by: MJ

We do love our games here at Bravo Fleet, so why not have a go at Frontline which will test your patience and stamina! Do you like building ships and blowing up things? Well this may be the game for you! It certainly kept our Chief of Staff busy while the competition was being organised!

Color Stars (Game)

Tier: 1

Judged by: MJ

Another game to keep you on your toes! Instead of blowing things up, what are you like at predicting and remembering patterns? Let us see if you can you change the color stars in time to help Starfleet Cartography!

A Com-PUN-ction for Puns  (Writing)

Tier: 3

Judged by: Arden

How funny do you really think you are? Well here’s an opportunity to share it with your fellow Bravo Fleet members, can you come up with some of the best puns for each of the categories in our pun-based competition? We will definitely share these puns as we announce our winners!

Your Year In Review  (Writing)

Tier: 3

Judged by: Arden

It’s a new year, so it is time for you to pick one of your characters and write up how well they have performed during 2399 and set some targets for professional development! Just how good is one of your characters at what they are meant to do? Can you come up with a great way to explore your character further as they have their appraisal taken?

Distress Call (Writing)

Tier: 3

Judged by: Dave P

One way or another there is always that one call that appears in Trek culture so often that you cannot get away from it, but how would your character and their ship react to one? Maybe it happened in the past or maybe it is a great way to get your started for 2400! Share with us your stance on this regular plot device that has kept our favourite Trek characters busy for countless episodes!

Remember by entering a competition it counts towards your activity recording, especially for so many of you who are working your way through those junior ranks and for those of you who are eager to gain those amazing high awards! Though these competitions include a bit of writing, we are hoping the idea of sharing original and a variety in the types of competitions we have, we will see people wanting to create and judge their own competitions too! If you want some advice, just make sure you follow the OCS policy (which includes a handy guideline) and get in touch with a member of the OCS team to talk you through it. Just make sure you check your unit leader prior to submitting competitions to the OCS.

Good luck and we look forward to announcing winners soon (as well as more competitions being released)!

Thanks Bravo Fleet!