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Fleet Command Report: The Next Fleet Action is Coming Edition!

May 7, 2022

Two years ago when we launched the rebirth of Bravo Fleet, we also launched our very first Fleet Action: The Raptor’s Wings. The following year we had the incredibly successful Fleet Action: The Echoes of the Tkon. EOTT built upon TRW in many ways and had so much more to offer, and so many more moving parts, which we felt really led to its resounding success in having something to offer for anyone. TRW was very bare-bones and had more of a “theme” than a real story, and EOTT wasn’t a successor to TRW in any way, shape, or form when it came to its specific storyline.

This year, we’re going to expand upon the foundation that The Raptor’s Wings laid down in its story. This years Fleet Action, Sundered Wings, is going to be a true sequel to The Raptor’s Wings as it deals with the development of the Romulan situation, finishes up threads started in The Raptor’s Wings, and hopefully settles us into a more tenable status quo for the Romulans (and Remans!) by the end. We want the Romulans to make sense, and to make sense for Bravo Fleet. The Lore Office has been hard at work developing materials for Sundered Wings which will be released as we get closer. However, for now, the Lore Office has already deployed two stories which help set the backdrop of where we’re headed. Suffice it to say, big things are brewing for the Romulans and Remans.

More information will come as we get closer to the launch date, which will be the weekend of May 28th, regarding details related to events, scoring, writing, etc. For now, be on alert Bravo Fleet.


  • Really looking forward to my first fleet action. Cannot wait

    May 8, 2022