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Echoes of the Tkon: Phase II

August 14, 2021

Here we are, the opening hours of Phase II of the Echoes of the Tkon!

Phase I was, to put it mildly, an incredible success. Phase I hit just shy of 200 individual competition entries; by comparison, all phases of The Raptor’s Wings last year garnered 251 entries total. And that is with the entire BFSS unable to participate this time around, which they did during The Raptor’s Wings.

So far after the first Phase, Echoes of the Tkon is really a neck and neck race for both the task force and individual levels. Each task force is still very much in the race, and individually it is really anyone’s ball game. I’m really excited that Bravo Fleet is in a competitive position internally to be able to have such a rousing friendly battle. Keep up the activity because you guys are doing a phenomenal job, and more than anything else: have fun!

Battlefield Promotions

We didn’t do this during The Raptor’s Wings because the rank and award system was so new to Bravo Fleet, but this time around we are deploying battlefield promotions. We sort of implemented this program during the lead-up to the new model and The Raptor’s Wings, the Osiris Initiative, where we gave some people a leg up rank-wise for their interaction and dedication to the event. So what is a battlefield promotion? Essentially it is a free promotion that ignores any time in grade or other requirements. During each Phase of the Fleet Action, the TFCOs have been asked to submit one non-Command name from their TF for a battlefield promotion, with no repeats (sorry, you only get 1 per person per Fleet Action!). Additionally, Emily and I have decided to add on an additional “executive” battlefield promotion as well.

Congratulations are in order for the following individuals who have received battlefield promotions during Phase I of the Echoes of the Tkon Fleet Action:

Task Force 17

Task Force 72

Task Force 86

Task Force 93

  • Lieutenant Commander Vakai to the rank of Commander


  • Captain Azras Dex to the rank of Fleet Captain

Phase II

Our Loremaster released a report earlier this week which dropped the opening fiction for the next phase of the Fleet Action and began to unravel the story a bit more and how we all fit into it. We’re now starting to see how the Tkon (and the galactic barrier… whaaaaa?! Holy TOS throwback, Batman) fits into all of this. The short of it is:

  • The USS Odysseus concludes operations keeping civilians away from a cluster of Omega as a specialist team comes to relieve them. Across the galaxy, Omega is being destroyed – but the manifestations are not over, and the Omega Directive remains in force.
  • Starfleet researchers have a hypothesis: the source of the outbreaks of Omega is the Horizon System, a star beyond the Galactic Barrier, artificially placed there by the ancient Tkon Empire. Why or how it is causing the crisis, however, is still a mystery.
  • With the Federation turning its resources into learning more about Horizon in particular and Tkon technology in general, Fleet Admiral Ramar gives the Fourth Fleet a new mission. More must be learned of the Tkon; their worlds visited, their technology seized, their archives studied. With the Omega Directive still in place, captains have unprecedented authority and resources in pursuit of this goal.

As the narrative shifts, so do some of the competitions. We hope that the difficultly in many of them jumps up slightly, the competition increases, and the fun continues. The Phase II competitions are:

Best of luck, may the odds be ever in your favor, and have fun!