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We all love the Women of Star Trek. Their timeless beauty, their strong personality, their incredible intelligence has inspired us all to achieve better for ourselves. From the Chief Communications Officer Lieutenant Uhura who inspired an entire generation of women to follow their dreams no matter the obstacles and challenges in their way to Seven of Nine where beauty, brawn and brains met to show women they could be all three, to Captain Janeway, inspiring young girls that they could be in charge and respected without needing to use or have sex appeal, these Women of Star Trek continue to inspire us long after the shows they starred on went off the air. Follow this link to put together the puzzle:


  • Submit a screenshot of the completed jigsaw, including the time completed.
  • Do not alter the shapes of the pieces (classic) nor the difficulty level (medium, 30 pieces). These criteria must also be included in the screenshot to qualify.
  • Entries will be awarded first, second and third place based on time completed. In the event of a tie, whomever submits it first will be placed higher.


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