[LAB Phase 1]: The Labyrinthine Cinquain


A Cinquain is a type of poem that is written in a five line pattern, which is further defined by a set of syllables and stresses. Many different forms and rules have evolved over time. For the purpose of this competition, a Labyrinth Cinquain consists of: one line of two syllables, a second line of four syllables, a third line of six syllables, a fourth line of eight syllables and then a fifth line of two syllables. Your challenge is to write a five line cinquain that is clearly inspired by the Labyrinth mission you’re writing for your command or the overarching Labyrinth mission briefing & fleet canon. While not a requirement, your cinquain could explore topics such as your primary characters’ lived experiences in this mission, the visceral sensation of traveling through Underspace, or a morality play of the choices being made. Like the many apertures in and out of Underspace, the choice is yours.


  • Submit the text of the Labyrinth Cinquain directly into the submission box and write an artist’s statement of up to 250 words describing what you were intending to communicate about the Labyrinth Fleet Action through your poem. While not required, you may choose to include your cinquain into a story chapter; if you choose to do so, also include the BFMS link in the submission box.
  • Entries will be judged using the following rubric: 5 points for use of the poetic form and style, 5 points for impact of Bravo Fleet canon, 5 points for originality, 5 points for application of the Labyrinth plot. The submission with the highest number of points will win.


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