USS Luna (NCC-80101)

Continuing the goals of the USS Seattle, the USS Luna will patrol and help explore in Task Force 86.


Luna-class • NCC-80101 • Task Force 86

Under the command of Captain Adriana Cruz the USS Luna explores the unknown space beyond the borders of the Federation and collects information about potential threats and criminal groups.

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30 April 2024

Station Wide

USS Luna: Between Periods

—- Docking Ring, Starbase 86—   Lieutenant Commander James Young watched the worker bees maneuver around the USS Luna installing a new sensor. There was some surface damage from space debris but nothing that unusual for a period out in space. They’d been refitted recently so this was not [...]

29 April 2024

Cuando Volveras a Mexico

USS Luna: Between Periods

—- Sánchez Wines, Outside Mexico City —-   Andrés Sánchez shielded his eyes as he looked across the vineyards. The vineyards had been in his family for centuries, and they still picked the grapes manually even as automated methods had become more common place. Now it was possible to [...]

28 April 2024

When Winning Is Beyond Us

USS Luna: When God Is Angry

—- Arboretum, USS Luna —-   Commander Olivia Carrillo nodded sadly at her Captain as the other woman approached. Captain Adriana Cruz had just finished reporting to Starfleet and neither woman was particularly satisfied with the way their mission had gone even though they’d been sent on [...]

28 April 2024

The Interview: Gunboat Diplomacy

USS Luna: When God Is Angry

—- Kradashian City, Kradashian IV —-   The Starfleet historian smiled reassuringly at the captain of the USS Luna, who was without her ship and was being thrust into an unfamiliar situation. He was unsure of how well she was going to do at this, press handling was not in her background and [...]